Dr. Fauci Calls Tucker Carlson’s COVID Disinformation An Enemy Of Public Health

Dr. Anthony Fauci called COVID disinformation that is being spread by the likes of Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan, an enemy of public health.


CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Dr. Fauci about the disinformation being spread by Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Fauci answered, “Well, Jim, disinformation, and misinformation is really a very serious issue when it comes to a public health issue like covid-19 in which it’s essential to get the correct information out both for people who are infected and who do need proper medication and proper care to foster things that are unproven right from the beginning as always been a problem. The best way to counter disinformation and misinformation is to try as best as we all can to get the proper and correct information out, but one of the enemies of public health is disinformation, and unfortunately, we do see that in some corners.”

Tucker Carlson Is Trying To Keep America Sick

Tucker Carlson pushes COVID disinformation because each person who doesn’t get vaccinated hinders the Biden presidency. Republicans have been weaponizing the pandemic to help them at the ballot box since Donald Trump lost.

Dr. Fauci was correct. Anyone who pushes pandemic disinformation is an enemy of public health, who is actively harming the United States by keeping the pandemic going.

It is time to call out these traitors who are engaging in medical warfare against the United States loudly and publicly.