Lauren Boebert To Be Moved To Democratic District In Proposed Colorado Map

If Colorado’s proposed non-partisan redistricting map is approved, say goodbye to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s current district.

The Denver Post reported: 

Still, Democrats see the map as an improvement over the initial map, which had a similar partisan division. This one splits the conservative Western Slope into two separate districts. Grand Junction and below stay in the 3rd Congressional District, now stretching out to the southeastern plains, Pueblo and Huerfano County.

Boebert, a Republican, represents that district, but her home in Garfield County would now go into a reshaped 2nd Congressional District — represented by Neguse, a Democrat — that stretches to the Wyoming border with most of its population in the liberal bastions of Boulder and Fort Collins.

Rep. Boebert could either move districts or run in the new, more liberal district and likely lose her seat.

Republicans lost Colorado by 13 points in 2020 but would still come out with 4 House seats. As drawn by a non-partisan panel, the map would divide the state 4-4 with one swing seat, which would make Colorado much closer than election results suggest.

Either way, the map would weaken a Republican rural stronghold, and it could mean the end of Lauren Boebert in the House.