Ron Johnson Shows Why He Is A National Embarrassment At Afghanistan Hearing

Sen. Ron Johnson claimed that he was worried about detachment from reality and then refused to hear facts on Afghanistan from Sec. of State Blinken.

Video of Johnson claiming to be concerned about detachment from reality:

Later, Sen. Johnson spat out a series of lies about Afghanistan and NATO, and Sec. of State Blinken tried to correct him by saying, “I went to NATO before the decision as well as secretary defense Austin and spent the day with all of our nato allies listening to them, their views, their ideas for what we should do moving forward in Afghanistan. I shared some of our initial thinking at that point. We factored in everything we heard from allies into our own decision-making process.”


Johnson interrupted him, “Just like you planned for everything else? For every contingency? I got it. Listen. It is bureaucratic speak. “

Facts are “bureaucratic speak” when Republicans don’t want to hear them.

The purpose of congressional hearings is to conduct oversight. They are intended to be tools for accountability and information gathering.

Sen. Johnson didn’t want to hear the facts. Ron Johnson is a national embarrassment because he does not care about facts. Johnson is only at the hearing to push his misinformation.

It is a disgraceful abuse of oversight power and shows why Ron Johnson does not belong in the United States Senate.