Trump Shows His Guilt By Trying To Hide His Call Logs From The 1/6 Committee

Trump is now trying to block the 1/6 Committee from getting his call logs, handwritten notes from the chief of staff Mark Meadows, and his speech drafts.

Trump Doesn’t Want The 1/6 Committee To Know Who He Was Talking To

The AP reported, “Former President Donald Trump is trying to block documents including call logs, drafts of remarks and speeches and handwritten notes from his chief of staff relating to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection from being released to the committee investigating the riot, the National Archives revealed in a court filing early Saturday.”

.No Innocent Person Would Hide Their Call Logs

If Trump were innocent, he would be looking to provide the committee with evidence to clear his name. Instead, he is trying to block the committee from finding out who he was talking with the days before and on 1/6.

Trump’s effort to block the logs also suggests that he used the official White House phone to plot and try to carry out his coup, which leads one to suspect that the former president was so arrogant about his plan that he didn’t bother to try to cover his tracks.

In a position that should be very familiar to him by now, Donald Trump is going to lose his lawsuit.

Ex-presidents don’t have executive privilege. Trump is trying to use the legal system to obstruct the investigation. His lawsuit is bogus. It is an effort to run out the clock, but what he is trying to hide is much more telling than the lawsuit that he filed.

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