Rachel Maddow Makes The Case For Trump Being Prosecuted For Obstruction Of Justice

Rachel Maddow says that Trump confessed to obstruction of justice on television, and he is still within the statute of limitations.

Rachel Maddow Talks Trump’s Criminal Confession


Maddow said:

The same former president this weekend last night told an interview on the Fox News Channel that he fired the FBI Director James Comey when he was president in order to stop FBI investigations that he believed would result in him being removed as president. He just volunteered this information. He said, quote, don’t forget, I fired Comey. Had I not fired Comey, you might not be talking to me right now about my four years at the White House. He said, quote, I don’t think I could have survived if I didn’t fire him. He doesn’t mean he’d be dead. He means he couldn’t have survived as president. He couldn’t have made it four years as president. 

Because of the FBI investigations in place under Comey that stood to remove him from office, so he fired the FBI director in order to divert those investigations. In order to keep himself in power. He just admitted that’s why he did it and that it worked. That’s how he managed to stay in office for four years. 

This is like the thing you hope to like, you know, entrap somebody into saying. This is the thing you hope to, like, tape somebody accidentally admitting to somebody who doesn’t know that they’re going to get in trouble for saying it.

This is in confessing. I will just say, not a lawyer, but theoretically, if someone were going to bring an obstruction of justice prosecution against him for that, firing the FBI Director in order to get rid of the investigation that stood to remove him from office, if somebody were going to bring an obstruction of justice prosecution for that, we are still within the statute of limitations if that in fact was on a crime. I’m just saying. And he did just confess to that in detail on national TV last night. I can send you the transcript.

Trump Openly Confesses Because He Has Always Gotten Away With His Crimes

Trump blurts out confessions because he has never been held criminally liable for his activities in his entire adult life. Trump is a walking, talking ball of entitlement, and until he is criminally charged, he will never believe that he could be charged.

It doesn’t have to be the DOJ bringing criminal charges. Every single state where Trump tried to interfere in the 2020 election results could investigate and criminally charge him, and Fulton County, Georgia, is investigating him for election interference right now.

Only being focused on the DOJ lets other law enforcement officials around the country off of the hook. Federal law enforcement has a notorious and well-earned reputation for slowness, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t act.

As Rachel Maddow said, Trump is providing all of the information on television. Hopefully, law enforcement somewhere has the will to investigate and prosecutors the guts to charge him.