Freedom Convoy leader goes home for a break

Leader Of DC Trucker Convoy Bails And Goes Home

The leader of the DC trucker convoy bailed on his own people by going home because he needed a break.

Zachary Petrizzo

The truckers who have so far been thwarted by rain, traffic, getting lost, and a cyclist have now lost their leader, who has found not going to DC to protest so stressful that he needed to go home and take a break.

Protest is difficult, especially when the protesters are a group of truckers who don’t seem to have any idea what they are protesting about. Mostly, they are just mad. They are angry that Donald Trump lost the election, and they are letting everyone know how upset they are by staying outside of DC and talking about going to protest while most of the time doing nothing, but occasional laps on the Beltway.

The great thing about a freedom convoy is that they have the freedom not to do anything. Fox News and the GOP thought that the truckers would be the new tea party, but that hasn’t happened.

Each day a bunch of people decide that they may or may not go out and protest. Most of the time, they don’t.

Someday soon, one suspects that the truckers will get tired of wasting expensive fuel, and go home.

The trucker convoy in Washington, DC has been a failure of laughable proportions.

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