Threatened with Losing Trump Endorsement, Mo Brooks Calls For McConnell Ouster

McConnell isn’t loyal enough for Trump and Trump wants McConnell out of leadership. A key shot has now been fired toward that goal.

This is exactly what Mitch McConnell was smart enough to see coming, Trump was self-obsessed enough to not care that it was coming, and we Democrats, were watching closely enough to look for cracks and fallout to exploit when it came. Everyone knew that Trump didn’t and wouldn’t tolerate McConnell’s independence when it came to making deals with Biden, thereby giving Biden legitimacy. Trump himself has already demanded that McConnell be replaced and those demands have largely gone ignored by the current GOP Senate. But the dynamic would deeply impact a few critical primaries for Senate positions, which is all it would take to make it disastrous for McConnell. Well, it is happening.

Mo Brooks, a Republican Representative from Alabama, running for Senate and down in the polls, making him vulnerable to losing Trump’s endorsement, just taped a 90-second ad, calling for McConnell to be ousted as GOP Senate leader.

According to Politico, Brooks says:

“America can’t afford a Senate leader who is a weak-kneed, debt junkie, open-border RINO Republican and who, worse yet, sells out America for special interest group cash.”

Brooks wants his opponents to sign a pledge to vote to “fire Mitch McConnel, [in a ] fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party.” Brooks says McConnell, “will do everything he can to defeat me because he’s determined to stop the MAGA movement and Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates for the U.S. Senate.”

This is, of course, absurd.

What McConnell will do is ignore Trump’s endorsement and help whichever Republican candidate McConnell believes is most likely to win the general election. There will not be many cases where there is a conflict but it would only take three to four, in which the more extreme MAGA wins the primary, only to lose the general election precisely because their views are so extreme, to keep McConnell out as Senate Majority leader.

As nearly every Democrat knows, McConnell wants to be Senate majority leader in 2022 and 2024 far more than he wants Trump elected in 2024. This is the first, or at least biggest, shot fired within the party races, demonstrative of those contrasting goals.