Ted Cruz tried to spin off into another conspiracy theory but got shut down

Ted Cruz Tried To Spin A New Judge Jackson Conspiracy But Dick Durbin Shut Him Down

Sen. Ted Cruz tried to plant the seeds for a conspiracy theory involving the White House not giving Democrats and Republicans the same documents, but Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin shut him down.


The exchange:

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Cruz: Mr. Chairman, before we break can ask one question? Senator Hirono made reference to the recommendations of the probation office in five of these cases. Those recommendations are not in the record, I have not seen them. My staff has not seen them and that raises two questions. Number one, whether the White House is providing differential materials to Democratic members than Republican members because I don’t know where Senator Hirono would get access to them, secondly, regardless if it is differential, would the chairman consider both sides should have access to the underlying facts. Judge Jackson says she’s following the facts. 

Durbin: You know we completed discovery before we started this hearing. 

Cruz: How did Hirono get the information that Republicans did not?  Do you have access to them?

Durbin: I am not going to entertain it.

 Cruz: Could you ask Senator Hirono how she got them?

Ted Cruz’s antics are how Republicans launch their conspiracy theories. Cruz was suggesting that the White House provided pre-sentencing reports on the child predator cases to Democrats and not the Republicans on the committee.

Chairman Durbin was correct to shut Cruz down because he was getting all wound up to start grandstanding and raise more “questions” which are always the basis of the GOP’s conspiracy theories.

Ted Cruz has latched on to Josh Hawley’s child predator smear and he is going to run with it because he knows that it will get him on Tucker Carlson or Hannity.

If Republicans can’t find a reason to vote against Judge Jackson, they will make one up, which looks like what Cruz was trying to do.




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