Marjorie Taylor Greene Changes Her 1/6 Story In Disastrous Court Hearing

While under oath and facing the possibility of being kicked off of the ballot, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is changing her story about 1/6.

Video of Greene testifying that she only wanted a peaceful protest:

Greene later could not remember her own tweets:

Here was the exchange:

Q: I’m looking at the — yes, this top half. Miss Greene, this is a tweet that you sent out on January 2nd, 2021, correct? 

Greene:  I’m not sure. 

 Q: Okay. You don’t recall this? 

 Greene: I don’t recall tweeting that, no. 

Q:  Okay. You can set that to one side. Well, let many he ask this question. Does anybody tweet things on your Twitter account like that, did anybody in January of 2021 tweet things on your Twitter account without your permission? 

Greene: On what day? 

Q: Any time from November of 2020 to January 6th? 

 Greene:  I don’t remember. That’s difficult to answer. 

 Q: Okay. You’d be surprised if somebody got into your Twitter account and tweeted something without your permission, wouldn’t you? 

Greene:  Well, no one tweeted anything without my permission. I just don’t remember who tweeted what.

Greene has gone the full Trump and pretended not to know people that she knows like Ali Alexander:

The hearing has been a disaster for Greene, who is doing her best Donald Trump impression and pretending not to know people or even be able to remember her own tweets.

Rep. Greene is trying to dodge any role of accountability in the insurrection. She has been changing her story and conveniently forgetting details.

Greene may survive the hearing and remain on the ballot, but she sounds guilty, and the 1/6 Committee should be paying attention.