Donald Trump speaks at an event in Las Vegas

Delusional Trump Claims Everyone Was Happy In America Before COVID

Trump claimed that his presidency before COVID was one of the greatest times in history and that everyone in America was happy.

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Video of Trump in Las Vegas:

Trump said, “We have to stop fighting with each other and unify. That was happening during the greatest period I believe in our country’s history in many ways. Just before COVID came in from China. That’s where it came from. It can happen again. We were more unified just before that. Everyone was happy.”

Donald Trump is the only president in the history of polling never to have an approval rating over 50%. From the moment that Donald Trump took office, the majority of Americans were unhappy and opposed him.

Trump was selling a fantasy that teetered into delusion. He was never a popular president. The vast majority of Americans were unhappy and could not wait to be rid of him.

If Trump’s 2024 message to voters will be that things were great under him, the Republican Party will get their doors blown off because the only people who seemed happy were Republicans, Donald Trump, and his family.

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