Trump’s Brand Is In The Dumpster As Investors Bail On Truth Social

Trump is facing multiple criminal and civil investigations and his brand is crumbling as investors are bailing on Truth Social.

Reuters recently reported:

.Digital World said it had received termination notices from private investment in public equity (PIPE) investors ending nearly $139 million in investments out of the $1 billion commitment it had previously announced.

Digital World did not disclose the investors that pulled out. Sources told Reuters Sabby Management, which had committed $100 million to the PIPE, is one of the investors who have terminated.

More investors are expected to pull out in the coming weeks as the Truth Social merger deal was not completed by the September 20th deadline, so investors are free to go.

Digital World is blaming the SEC criminal and civil investigations for holding up the deal, but the reality is that the deal has been floundering from the outset. Trump’s brand is crumbling, and the deadline was a convenient excuse for investors to bail on a sinking ship.

If investors thought that Trump was a solid investment, they would not be going anywhere but investing in a brand that may soon be synonymous with bankruptcy and felony convictions is going to yield a good return on investment.

Truth Social was part of Trump’s plan to make money off of his political status, but just like everything else in his life, it is going bust.