The Special Master Backfires Into Trump’s Personal Disaster

Trump is refusing to comply with the special master’s order that he verify the list of items taken from Mar-a-Lago.

Reuters reported:

According to a letter publicly filed by Trump’s lawyers on Wednesday, the former president’s legal team told Senior U.S. Judge Raymond Dearie, who is reviewing the materials taken in the federal raid of the Florida property, that they don’t believe Dearie has the authority to require them to make such a filing.


Dearie’s order asked Trump to list any items that were seized, but not listed in the inventory, any items that were not seized and erroneously included on the list, as well as any possible errors in the inventory about the location of seized items.

Trump Now Refusing To Follow The Orders Of The Special Master That He Wanted

Trump demanded the special master. The former president is the one who nominated Judge Dearie for the position, and the DOJ looks really smart for immediately agreeing to Dearie.

Donald Trump and his legal team are now fighting with their own special master, as it is clear that they only wanted the special master as a stalling tactic to get the classified documents case through the midterm election.

Judge Dearie hasn’t played along and has instead moved quickly to resolve the issue and is treating the process like a legal proceeding.

The special master is a disaster that Trump created for himself, and now he is trying to dig his way out of a process that has only added credibility and legitimacy to the DOJ investigation while making the former president look even worse.

Donald Trump has a problem of his own making, and by the time Judge Dearie is done all of Trump’s defenses and excuses for the theft and mishandling of government documents could be shattered.