Still Down One-Percent with 93% Votes Counted, Lauren Boebert Is a Cautionary Tale, Either Way

Colorado’s third district may be about to put the final nail in Lauren Boebert’s political coffin. If so, it might be one of the most symbolic repudiations of Trump and all things MAGA on a night of nothing but Trump repudiation. The race is not over, and this column will be updated, but there are cautionary lessons to be learned even if she wins. As of 9:30 a.m. EST, the CO-03 broke down as. According to Google:

Adam Frisch
Democratic Party
149,421 votes
Lauren Boebert
Republican Party
145,946 votes

Whether Boebert wins or losses, the result serves to reinforce two inviolable rules that everyone knows. First, and above all else, take care of the district. Make sure the offices are staffed with good people who jump to help constituents with everything from passports to benefits. This is absolutely critical.

This small anecdote from a Politico piece from June says a great deal:

 Perko didn’t vote for her. And, based on her opposition to President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which Perko sees as a lifeline for his struggling industry, he doesn’t think Boebert cares all that much about his union members. He has tried to schedule a meeting with her to discuss these issues, he says. But the door to her local office is often locked, and her staff doesn’t return his calls.

All the interviews on television mean nothing if people are talking about the fact that they call and no one answers. Once a first-termer has the offices running perfectly, it’s a habit, and they begin to run themselves with good people over the next few terms.

She also ignored another critical rule for first-time House representatives, find a particular issue in your district and specialize in it. In southwestern Colorado, water is a huge issue, as is land use, BLM, and Forest Service. When did we hear anything from Boebert about any of these issues? Amazingly, she was ON the right committees in the Natural Resources Committee, Indigenous Peoples subcommittee, and Oceans, Waters, Wildlife Subcommittee. These are Colorado issues! But all her tweets seemed to be about guns or Trump-like insults to Democrats.

She still has time to eke out a victory – barely, but she’s from a  conservative district. this should have been a fifteen-point win. She may well lose. Another Republican seat flipped?