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GOP Desperate to Keep Trump Out of Georgia During Runoff

If election night proved anything, it is that Ron DeSantis has an iron fist producing results in Florida, which he runs with undeniable totality, and Donald Trump has an iron head that produced results bad for MAGAs everywhere outside of Florida. Not everything Trump Touched Died on Tuesday night; Ron Johnson won (barely), and J.D. Vance won (barely), but Trump might have – almost on his own – cost the GOP the Senate, and that would erase a lot of those wins. And for that reason, Republicans don’t want Trump anywhere north of Orlando between now and December 6th. Some want DeSantis. From NBC News:

Republican leaders don’t want a repeat of the 2021 runoff, especially now that Trump has teased a “big announcement” Tuesday, when he is widely expected to officially declare another White House bid. But Scott is staying mum on the Trump question.

“That’ll be a decision between Herschel and Trump. I know that Trump wants to be helpful to make Herschel win. That’s an issue for the campaign. I don’t get to participate in those decisions,” said Scott, who is in charge of getting Republicans elected as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Yesterday, Kayleigh McEnany opined on Fox News that, most importantly – Trump shouldn’t be announcing anything until the run-off is complete. Of course, Trump has to weigh far more important considerations in his announcement than just control of the U.S. Senate, his own personal future, and whether he’s indicted. An announcement shouldn’t impact the A.G.’s decision, but Trump believes it will.

McEnany also said that Trump should stay home and that Georgia should bring Ron DeSantis up to campaign for Walker. She is right as a political analyst and utterly wrong in opening her mouth about it on air or within earshot of Trump. If people tell Trump to stay home because he “hurts” the race, but Ron “DeSanctimonious” (As Trump called DeSantis over the weekend) is welcome? Trump will be coming up.

It will be interesting to see whether they can keep him out. There is a way. Tell him he has to pay his own fees/fares/jet fuel.

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