Nicolle Wallace on Trump hiding classified docs.

Nicolle Wallace Had The Perfect Response To More Stolen Trump Classified Docs Being Found

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace quickly explained why no one should be surprised that more Trump stolen classified documents were found.


Wallace said, “Trump has confessed to almost all aspects of the crime. He’s confessed to taking the documents, to saying I’m keeping them. I mean, the whole — I wonder what you think of the asymmetry of American law enforcement trying to get back something that Trump thinks is his. Of course, there’s more. There’s probably stuff shoved in his sock drawer, too.”

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There are two points that many people, especially in the media, keep missing about the classified documents story. First, Trump has already confessed. He has tried dozens of times to claim that he took the documents because they were his. Trump is admitting to the crime. Secondly, Trump is a thief who has never cooperated with an investigation. Trump has been trying to stonewall IRS audits of his taxes. Trump overcharged the Secret Service for staying at his properties. Trump claimed as president that he had unlimited executive power.

Trump has been stealing first from his donors and then from the taxpayers for years. That sort of person doesn’t wake up one day and cooperate. Trump will continue to steal and feel entitled to steal while doing it.

It is a certainty that there are more documents and classified materials tucked away at Trump properties. The national security challenge for the United States government is to find the stolen property before America’s enemies do.

Jason Easley
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