Kevin McCarthy Loses 8th Vote As He Is Told To Step Down Or Give Up All Of His Power

The House votes continue to steam forward as Kevin McCarthy piles up more defeats and his opposition tells him to step down or surrender all of his power.

Rep. Matt Gaetz told reporters:

In basic terms, McCarthy’s options are to either withdraw from the speaker election or agree to terms of surrender that give up all of his power and render him an empty suit.

Some of the Never Kevins appear to have an agenda of destroying the authority of anyone to lead or have any control over them. If McCarthy agreed to these demands from Gaetz, it would lead to a House that would be incapable of accomplishing even the most mundane tasks.

McCarthy would also be subject to a no-confidence vote at any time. The American people are witnessing a faction of the most extreme Republicans attempting to break the House.

The goal seems to be not a dysfunctional government but paralyzed government. There are no white hats in this fight among the House Republicans. The battle seems to be between those who want an obstructionist House and those who are seeking a broken House.

No matter the outcome, Kevin McCarthy now joins Trump as one of American political history’s biggest losers.