Alvin Bragg Just Humiliated Jim Jordan For New York Hearing Stunt

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:36 pm

A spokesperson for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg called Jordan coming to New York to hold a hearing, a political stunt, and pointed out that crime is higher in parts of Jordan’s Ohio.

The  Bragg statement:

Read the full statement:

Jim Jordan keeps trying to help Trump and wreck the criminal case against the former president, and he continues to get burned by Alvin Bragg. The Manhattan prosecutor is ten steps ahead of Rep. Jordan and the Republicans.

Bragg wasted no time in humiliating Jordan and exposing his sham by pointing out that there are plenty of murders right in Rep. Jordan’s backyard in Ohio for him to be taking a look at.

Jordan and the House Republicans think they are helping Trump, but all they are accomplishing is sowing the seeds for the loss of the Republican House majority in 2024.



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