FBI recovers classified documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club

Key Attorney In Classified Documents Case Leaves Trump


Timothy Parlatore, an attorney regarded as key to Donald Trump’s defense in the classified documents investigation has resigned.

CNN reported:

Parlatore’s departure became official Tuesday, though it had been rumored for several weeks among the former president’s inner circle. The high-profile departure comes as special counsel Jack Smith appears to be in the final stretch of investigations into the possible mishandling of classified documents and efforts to obstruct the 2020 election.

“It’s been an incredible honor to serve and work through interesting legal issues. My departure was a personal choice and does not reflect upon the case, as I believe strongly the (Justice Department) team is engaging in misconduct to pursue an investigation of conduct that is not criminal,” Parlatore said in a statement to CNN.

Trump’s lawyers are fighting with each other, and the former president is mad about the cost of his legal bills and why his lawyers have not been able to make the Department of Justice investigation go away.

The fact that Trump thinks some private attorneys can make the DOJ vanish when they are investigating the theft and potential mishandling of classified information is astounding.

Special Counsel Jack Smith continues to churn away while Trump flails around and runs for a third Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has consistently struggled to retain and keep good legal representation. Parlatore was regarded as a person who brought competence and organization to the classified documents case. If this perception is true, it explains why he was eventually pushed out the door by Trump’s three-ring circus of chaos.

Things are getting worse for Donald Trump, and he can’t afford to lose an attorney with a potential federal criminal indictment looming on the horizon.

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