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Biden White House Rips Republicans For Trying To Starve The Poor In Debt Limit Deal

The White House fired back at House Republicans and accused them of trying to starve the poor with work requirements.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates responded to the new GOP calls for work requirements for the poor, “House Republicans are threatening to trigger an unprecedented recession and cost the American people over 8 million jobs unless they can take food out of the mouths of hungry Americans. This would be done through new, additional work requirements designed to tie the most vulnerable up in bureaucratic paperwork, which have shown no benefit for bringing more people into the workforce.”

For decades, Republicans have used work requirements to put bureaucratic hurdles in front of the poor, discouraging and preventing them from getting the assistance they need. Many poor people in America are already working and can’t afford to take time off work for reviews and paperwork.

Democrats in Congress have been persistent in making it loudly known to anyone listening that work requirements are a no-go for them. Since no debt limit deal will be able to pass without Democratic votes, that should mean that work requirements are dead on arrival.

It would be very on-brand for Republicans to blow up the US economy because Democrats refuse to allow them to harm the poor.

Biden heard the anger of Democrats, so Republicans better kiss their work requirements goodbye or be prepared to face default.

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