Eric Trump

Eric Trump Claims The FBI Went Through Barron Trump’s Underwear

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 05:44 pm

Eric Trump is having some issues with his dad getting indicted, as he weirdly claimed that the FBI went through Barron Trump’s underwear drawer.


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Eric Trump said, “Look at the way that the IRS targeted religious groups. If you get in the way of the Democratic Party, if you question their power, if you interfere with their little fiefdom, they will target you. They will come after you and they will try and destroy your life. It is rape and pillage. They will burn down the street. It doesn’t matter for these people. They will take out innocent people. They will go after your family. They will go after your kids. They will raid You know Barron’s room Who’s a 16-year-old kid 15-year-old kid. They’ll go through his underwear drawer.”

The FBI went through Barron Trump’s underwear drawer? That is what Eric Trump wants to hang his argument on. The FBI had a search warrant for the entire property because Donald Trump lied to them and was keeping government and classified documents that he was not supposed to have.

If the Trumps didn’t want to be searched, Donald Trump should have told the truth and turned over all of the documents. Barron Trump is a minor and he is paying a price for his father’s choices to commit alleged crimes.

Barron Trump wasn’t victimized by the FBI. He was the victim of his father’s terrible choices.

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