Lev Parnas crushes the GOP's Biden bribery scheme.

Lev Parnas Just Destroyed The GOP’s Biden Bribery Allegation

Lev Parnas explained what was really going on in Ukraine while debunking the House Republican Biden bribery allegation.

Parnas told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, “What really happened was that Victor  Shokin was a corrupt prosecutor that the whole Obama administration, not Joe Biden, but the Obama administration, the IMF, and all the Western countries wanted to get out of Ukraine because he was corrupt. The funny part is that it wasn’t because he was doing investigations, it was the opposite. It was because he was not doing investigations into corrupt activity that was happening. The funny part about this letter also is that, you know, if there was a bribe paid to Joe Biden. — where are the wire transfers? Where are the tapes take you talking about? I think this is just a disservice to the American public and to our democracy, what they are doing.”


Parnas said that this is more of the same old stuff being pushed by the right with no evidence behind it.

Lev Parnas was working for Rudy Giuliani. He was in Ukraine. He knows what was really going on. House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) quoted from Parnas’s letter during the IRS whistleblower committee hearing. 

It is telling that House Republicans have a direct witness to what happened in Ukraine, but won’t invite him to testify. Parnas won’t be given the same stage that people who are fake whistleblowers that are being paid by allies of Donald Trump are getting, because Republicans aren’t interested in the facts.

The truth about what Trump and Giuliani tried to do in Ukraine has been known for years. It is why Trump was impeached the first time. Republicans are hoping that the outcome will be different the fifth, fiftieth, or five hundredth they push this misinformation.

The facts never change, which is why the Biden bribery conspiracy has gone nowhere.

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