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Pro-Trump Lawyer Says She’s Been Indicted For Stealing And Breaking Into Michigan Voting Machines

Stefanie Lambert said that she had been notified that she has been indicted for her role in the theft of and breaking into Michigan voting machines after the 2020 election.

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Bridge Michigan reported:

“My attorney has been informed that I have been indicted by DJ Hilson, the special prosecutor in Michigan, working at the request of (Attorney General) Dana Nessel,” Stefanie Lambert said Wednesday on a conservative podcast, where she bashed the pending criminal action.

“I’m not losing any sleep over this,” continued Lambert, a metro Detroit attorney who has worked for 2020 election deniers across the country. “I know that I’ve done absolutely nothing illegal. My clients have not done anything illegal.”

Lambert’s claim has not been independently confirmed, but it makes sense given that the Michigan Supreme Court ruled a couple of weeks ago in a case that opened the door for those who stole and tampered with voting machines to face felony charges.

As the nation waits for Trump to face felony criminal charges for his plot to overturn the election, it is important to remember that what happened in 2020 was a Republican Party plot. Sixteen fake electors face felony charges in Michigan. While Donald Trump was at the head of the table leading those who were trying to overturn the election, the scheme did not begin and end with Trump and his campaign. The 2020 election plot was a fundamental corruption that turned a political party into a criminal enterprise in an effort to undermine democracy and keep a defeated president in power.

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