Bridging Rural/Urban Divide Key for Democrats in 2020 and for Exposing Trump Failures

Just yesterday I attended a fair in Port Oneida, Michigan celebrating rural culture.

While the focus on Michigan, when it comes to economic matters, tends to be on the manufacturing sector, largely, of course, because of the dominance of the auto industry, the importance of the rural economy and population loom large, not just in terms of their essential role in U.S. life but also as a voting issue and bloc in the 2020 presidential election. read more

New Poll: Just 31% of Michigan Voters Plan to Vote for Trump in 2020

Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election chances took another hit today when a new poll was published in Michigan showing his support in that state has severely dissipated since 2016.

In the 2016 election Trump won Michigan by just 10,000 votes, representing .27% of the total votes cast. read more

Michigan Approves Nestlé Water Pumping Despite Opposition

If there is one company in the world which illustrates both unbridled corporate greed and a complete lack of human compassion, it is Nestlé.  They have gone all over the world appropriating public water resources for themselves in order to make profits to benefit their rich shareholders.  Nestlé has even publicly stated their position that water is not a human right, which is absurd, because without water people die. Water is life, and Nestlé’s position is like saying people have no right to live. read more

Trump’s Own Words Remain The Central Issue in Court Proceedings On the Muslim Ban

Everyone remembers Donald Trump’s public statements, campaign promises and website posts where he promised to ban Muslims from the United States.

Donald Trump Admits To Grand Rapids Rally Crowd That “Lock her up!” Was A Big Lie

President-elect Donald Trump continued his "thank you" tour with a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during which his crowd chanted their beloved, "Lock her up!" Only to be told by Trump, "That plays great before the election- now we don't care."

Sarah Palin Says Trump Wins Because ‘Polls Are For Strippers’

“I just don’t put a whole lot of faith in polls...Like I’ve said before, polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers."

Ted Nugent Inappropriately Gropes Himself On Stage At Trump’s Michigan Rally

Donald Trump Ted Nugent

"I've got your blue state right here, baby," Nugent said.

Trump Gets Desperate And Dumps Money Into Hopeless Play To Win Michigan

The Trump campaign has announced that instead of spending money where it could help Republican candidates, they will be wasting cash by trying to win Michigan.

Paul Ryan Thinks Job-Killing is Worse Than People-Killing

Paul Ryan wants to use the the Congressional Review Act to prevent the president from saving the American people from corporate tyranny

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Poisons Flint Kids And Then Declares An Emergency

This all began when one of Snyder's emergency dictators decided safe drinking water from Lake Huron didn't fit the corporate financial model

Michigan Citizens Strike Back At Rick Snyder’s Corporate Wealth Transfer

Of course the mainstream media has not reported on events in Michigan because the last thing corporate media wants is to give Americans across the country the idea that they have power to put a stop to Republicans transferring wealth to corporations and the rich at the expense of the poor, elderly, students, middle class, and infrastructure.

Michigan And North Carolina Republicans Enact Un-Constitutional Theocratic Laws

Today, more so than at any time in the nation's history, evangelical Republicans are on a crusade to base the nation's laws on the Christian religion to discriminate against Americans who do not fall into the mold of a religious Republican.

Koch-Republican Austerity Is Killing Michigan Democracy And Poisoning Residents

Bad things generally happen when corporate fascist take over government and eliminate democracy, and it is a fact of life many Michigan citizens have learned the hard way; by being poisoned.

Shots Fired at the Rape Culture: MOKO Donates to Help Detroit Test and Prosecute Rape Kits

A shot was fired at the rape culture Tuesday, as a private sector company, MOKO Social Media, stepped up to the plate by donating $100,000 to Detroit's Wayne Country Prosecutor's Office (Michigan) in order to help investigate a shameful backlog of rape kits.

Governor Snyder’s Plan To Erase Public Education In Detroit

Here in Detroit, the worst of what many of us have long suspected about Gov. Snyder's intentions toward our city and our schools may really be happening, because Snyder doesn't even need to hide those intentions anymore.

Michigan Republican Says Schools Should be a Ministry of the Church

When Pink Floyd sang that "we don't need no education," I don't think church ministries are what they had in mind.

Anti-Tax Republican Governors Are Raising Taxes On The Poor and Middle Class

Even though most Republican governors are wary of going all-in on tax cuts for the rich and corporations like trickle-down failure Kansas governor Sam Brownback, they are going all in to raise taxes on their poor and middle class residents to avoid putting any "financial strain" on their wealthiest donors and their corporations.

Why Detroit Needs Obama’s Affordable Community College Plan To Work

obama proposes free community college

As Detroit continues its comeback struggle, perpetually seeking to redefine and recreate itself as a more updated community, one of the largest potential barriers to the realization of that goal is a sufficiently educated workforce.

The Fight To Legalize Gay Marriage May Return To Supreme Court

It's past time for the issue of gay marriage to be decided at the national, not just the local, level. The progress witnessed by the number of states that have approved same-sex marriage in recent years has been encouraging, but this should never have been a state's rights sort of issue.