Donald Trump Admits To Grand Rapids Rally Crowd That “Lock her up!” Was A Big Lie

President-elect Donald Trump continued his “thank you” tour with a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during which his crowd chanted their beloved, “Lock her up!” Only to be told by Trump, “That plays great before the election- now we don’t care.”

This was pointed out by Alexandra Jaffe:

The crowd behind him rolled with the changes from their leader, even though this chant was repeated as a reason many of them just had to vote for a man who bragged about sexual assault and mocked a disabled reporter. They were so worried about Hillary Clinton’s alleged “crimes”, you see.

Now, they admit it was all a big joke. LOL.

Some things never change though:

Donald Trump got their vote, and now as a thank you, he’s telling them LOL, we’re not locking Hillary up. They’re all fine with it, because anything Trump says goes.

Perfect Trump: Middle finger as a thank you, but the best part is his base doesn’t even care.

What’s a little inciting of violence when there’s an election at stake? Eh, the election’s over and Trump won so now everyone can be friendly and by friendly, he means forget what he said while running.