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Ted Nugent Inappropriately Gropes Himself On Stage At Trump’s Michigan Rally

Just days after Donald Trump’s campaign expressed phony outrage over the lyrics Jay Z sang at a Hillary Clinton event in Cleveland, Ted Nugent took the stage at a Trump rally in Michigan and grabbed his private parts.


“I’ve got your blue state right here, baby,” Nugent said while inappropriately groping himself onstage. “Black and blue!”

Trump appeared soon after Nugent, not mentioning his gesture but repeating the new line that his rallies don’t need guitars to draw crowds. The only problem? Nugent had spent the previous half hour playing music, with a guitar, for the audience.

The Nugent appearance with Trump – highlighted by the rocker’s self-groping – is not likely to help him win Michigan, a state where he is already likely to lose anyway. It’s especially not beneficial for a Republican nominee who is trying to avoid any grope-related discussions.

Still, we shouldn’t have expected Trump to close out his campaign in any other way.

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