Sarah Palin Says Trump Wins Because ‘Polls Are For Strippers’


The election season would not be complete without the opinion of Sarah Palin, who nearly became our VP before Donald Trump decided to do to our country what she hoped, and failed, to do.

Appearing on Bill O’Reilly, she gave it as her considered opinion that Trump will win on Election Day because “polls are for strippers.”

There you have it: the folksy wisdom of Sarah Palin. This wasn’t all of course. Her interview was loaded with other gems:


“Well, if Trump wins, then America wins.” Most of the world, and so far, most of America based on early voting, disagree.

When asked, Palin told O’Reilly and said that “Trump momentum” – that nonexistent thing Trump likes to talk about along with so many other non-existent things – is still going strong.

In fact, she scolded O’Reilly for even asking such a thing:

“You’re not in Michigan, then, cos they are hot, hot, hot for Trump,” Palin said.

“They here, desiring so much to be that comebacks state, they understand that it’s somebody from the private sector that needs to get in there and shrink government and allow industry to really get revved up again.”

Should Trump win, let’s hope he makes Palin his press secretary. At least we’ll have something to laugh about for the next four years.

The fact-resistant Palin was ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton is up +5 in the state according to Real Clear Politics. Which is exactly what O’Reilly then proceeded to remind Palin.

“The polls say that Clinton’s up by five. Are you willing to make a prediction that Trump will carry Michigan this time around?”

“There’s no reason why he wouldn’t. Like I’ve said before, polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers. What matters is that two days from now, you know, the gettin’ out the vote effort and making sure these Reagan Democrats and independents and Michigan Republicans get out their vote.”

“I just don’t put a whole lot of faith in polls, especially two days out,” she said. Of course, Trump only puts faith in polls when he’s ahead, so go figure.