Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Is More Popular In Michigan Than Trump

A new Fox News Poll of Michigan revealed that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is sixteen points more popular than President Donald Trump.

Via Fox News:

Currently, 47 percent approve of the job he is doing as president and 51 percent disapprove.


Whitmer is popular: 63 percent of voters approve of her job performance and 58 percent have a positive opinion of her personally.


On handling coronavirus, Whitmer’s job approval is 19 points higher than Trump’s (64 percent vs. 45 percent).

That difference is driven in part by a majority saying Trump failed to act soon enough. Fifty-nine percent think he was too slow to respond, while 38 percent say his response was appropriate.

However, Joe Biden’s lead in the state would shrink from eight points (49%-41%) to six points (49%-43%) if Whitmer was on the Democratic president, which suggests that residents of the state would rather she remain as their governor than run for vice president.

The dynamic between Trump and Whitmer is playing out in other states with Democratic governors. In Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf has a 58% approval rating compared to 47% for Trump. The Democratic governors in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan could be powerful allies for Joe Biden in the fall.

People are appreciating their governors, and they see the lack of competence in the Trump response to the virus. Trump’s attacks on Gretchen Whitmer could cost him the state in November.