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WATCH: Trump Says When Governors Tell Media They’re Unhappy With His COVID Response, They’re Lying for Politcal Reasons

Many of the country’s governors have been unhappy with the White House’s response and direction when is comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this isn’t just a Democratic lawmaker issue, Republicans have been upset as as well. According to Trump, however, he gets a different message from these governors when he speaks with them on…


Stacey Abrams: “Willful Ignorance” Has Led U.S. Coronavirus Response

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams says the United States’ coronavirus response under President Donald Trump and the Republican Party has been characterized by “willful ignorance.” “One of the deep disappointments of the current administration is their willful ignorance and their willingness to ignore the challenges that present themselves in real time,” Abrams said in…


Susan Rice Makes Her Pitch for VP in Interviews with NPR and CBS as Speculation Mounts

Susan Rice gave two interviews on Tuesday that appeared to be a pitch for Joe Biden’s vice presidential slot. The former U.N. ambassador is considered a serious contender. Rice spoke to NPR’s Morning Edition and then spoke to CBS This Morning in an early morning mini media blitz. The Biden campaign is expected to announce his running mate…


Trump Appears to Criticize the Civil Rights Act: “How Has It Worked Out?”

Donald Trump seemed to criticize the Civil Rights Act during a blockbuster interview released on Tuesday. The President questioned how the landmark legislation had worked out. Trump spoke to Axios’ Jonathan Swan about the late Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis. Saying he’d done more for Black Americans than anyone except maybe Abraham Lincoln, the President…


Newt Gingrich: Trump Should Use Nixon’s 1972 Strategy to Win the Election

Newt Gingrich has suggested that Donald Trump can turn his campaign around by adopting Richard Nixon’s 1972 election strategy. That was the year of the Watergate break-in. In an extensive new report, Politico outlines how the President’s usual tactics don’t seem to be working against former Vice President Joe Biden. The article explains Gingrich’s thinking. He was…


Trump Branded “Delusional” After Extraordinary Coronavirus Clash with Reporter

Critics have rounded on Donald Trump following the release of an interview where the President repeatedly clashes with a journalist and appears desperate to defend his handling of Coronavirus.  In a video released on Tuesday, Trump butts heads with Axios’ Jonathan Swan about Covid-19 statistics and becomes flustered when Swan challenges him about the numbers. The…

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