Susan Rice Makes Her Pitch for VP in Interviews with NPR and CBS as Speculation Mounts

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:06 pm

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Susan Rice gave two interviews on Tuesday that appeared to be a pitch for Joe Biden’s vice presidential slot. The former U.N. ambassador is considered a serious contender.

Rice spoke to NPR’s Morning Edition and then spoke to CBS This Morning in an early morning mini media blitz. The Biden campaign is expected to announce his running mate any day now.

“If there’s an opportunity to serve again, I’m certainly eager to do so, but not because it’s something that I want for myself,” Rice told NPR.

“I’ve been blessed to have served already at the highest levels. But if at a time when we are suffering domestically and internationally, people with skills and experience are asked to come back, my judgment is they should say yes, even if it may not be the best thing for them personally.”

Watch the CBS video:

During her CBS interview, Rice struck a humble note but nonetheless seemed to be campaigning for Biden’s number two nod. He has committed to choosing a woman, and possibly a woman of color.

“I will do anything I can. This is not about me. This is about our country and restoring new leadership,” Rice said.

“I will do the 20th century equivalent of licking envelopes. I’ll serve in whatever capacity that VP Biden thinks I can best serve.”

Rice also addressed one of the most controversial debates of recent weeks by saying she wasn’t in favor of defunding the police. Biden is also against the idea.

“That’s not terminology I would use,” Rice said.

“There’s no one size fits all approach. I’m for re-imagining the role of the police.”

Rice caused a stir online and among political commentators in late July when her name and image were attached to a fundraising appeal from the Biden campaign. However, she faces stiff competition for the VP nomination.

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