The GOP is Unrepentantly Evil and This is Why


And did you know that Larry Klayman slept with a succubus the night before his rally to overthrow the lawful and constitutionally elected president of the United States? It’s true.

And all these men and women on the so-called Religious Right have altars to Satan in their homes? Again, it’s true. They chant to the lord of lies nightly and engage in all sorts of heinous and diabolical rituals to summon the dark powers. Probably even eat babies. That’s why they don’t want any aborted. It’s true.

Now, it’s easy to sit here and make this stuff up, like I just did. And I do it to make a point about the absolutely hysterical nonsense coming out of the Religious Right. It is as though any crazy thing they can come up with, they say. And they expect it to be believed.

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Sadly, there are people who do actually believe it.

And when we tell the truth about them, use their own words, they accuse us of lying. They demand apologies for the truth while they continue to lie.

Re-criminalize_sodomyThese people, if I can call them that (and I think I am being generous) are doing everything in their power to overthrow our Constitution, destroy our way of life, and strip us of our rights and freedoms under that Constitution. In pursuit of that goal, there is no low they will not sink to, no lie they will not tell, and no act they will not perpetrate.

They are the enemy. They are your enemy, they are my enemy, they are the enemy not only of liberalism and liberty, but they are the enemy of true conservatism. They are the enemy of every religion, including Christianity. Because they are not Christians themselves.

It is probably best and easiest to use their own terminology and refer to them as a heresy, because they have stripped certain words and ideas from an actual religion – Christianity – to cloak their ideology in sanctity.

Cruz jesusBut there is nothing holy about them. They are unholy. If there is true evil in the world, if there are demons, these people – Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Rick Santorum, Bryan Fischer, Pat Robertson, Larry Klayman, David Barton, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schlafly – all of them are evil.

Unrepentantly evil.

They are coming for your clean air and your clean water, for the environment, for our history and our memories, for our shared reality, and for the scientific underpinnings of our universe.

All of it will be gone. The tangible and intangible alike. They will leave superstition in its place.

We are left with the absurdity not only that individuals should be cured of homosexuality but the environment on which all life depends left to die, but that the individual can be cured of something they were born with but not the environment of something that has been done to it.

Global Warming DroughtAnd they are coming for your rights. For your right to vote. For your right even to question, let alone demand answers.

And they will not stop until they have all of those things. Until they have sold our country out, to big business interests, to foreign business interests, to each other. They will reduce working class Americans to serfs, put our children to work, rape our wives, sisters, and daughters, and let us die when we get too sick to be of any further use for them.

That is the conservative dream of America.

THAT is the truth.

The rest is only smoke and mirrors.

We won’t get any help from the mainstream media. They won’t tell you the truth. That is why I am telling you the truth.

pontiac new managementBut you do not have to rely on me. You can look at the evidence for yourself. Look at the laws they pass, at the laws they refuse to pass. Look at Wisconsin and at Michigan if you want to know what lies in store for you and for your state and your community.

We won’t get any help from anywhere. We will get only what we are willing to do ourselves to save our country, our rights, our liberties, our families – and ourselves.

The alternative is unacceptable.

In 2014 and in 2016, evil must be defeated. The obscene and unholy totalitarian alliance of corporatism and theocracy that is the GOP must not have our country.

Now, are we willing to fight for it? We had better be.

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