Bryan Fischer Wants to Ban Muslims Who Visit Mecca

"I think that anyone that's from a Muslim country that wants to immigrate to the United States, they not only should ask these questions, they should do it hooked up to a polygraph machine."

Bryan Fischer Suggests Lots of People Die Around the Clintons, And it’s No Accident

"107 people have died under suspicious circumstances in and around the orbit of the Clintons," and "it is hard to believe that that is just coincidental."

Bryan Fischer Claims Anderson Cooper Must Recuse Himself From Covering ‘Gay’ Stories

"Cooper, who is an open, admitted homosexual...ought to recuse himself from any fraught with emotion as the homosexual agenda."

Nikki Haley Enrages Religious Right and GOP by Being ‘Soft’ on Gays and Muslims

By calling out Trump and calling for respect for differences in modern marriage, Haley has placed herself between a rock and a hard place

Bizarre Evangelical Theories Can’t Explain Away the Problem of Dinosaurs

Finding a place for dinosaurs and man has been a tough sell for Evangelicals, but do a couple of solutions offer themselves? No, not really.

Republican Rhetoric of 2015 is Centuries out of Date – Like their Thinking

The GOP talks about "taking our country back" and "making America great again" but they propose to do this by going back in time, not forward

Donald Trump Wants to Close Mosques in America to Fight the Islamic State in Syria

Trump wants to close mosques in order to fight the Islamic State, despite the First Amendment's guarantee of the free exercise of religion

Bryan Fischer Claims Confederate Flag is a Democratic Problem

Fischer ignores 150 years of history since Lincoln, including the GOP's Southern Strategy to attract all the racists over to their party

Dorothy is Wrong – We ARE in Kansas – And it Sucks

Not only have the wheels started to come off democracy everywhere Republicanism reaches, but they have sold the damn wheels.

Right-Wingers Claim Texas Flooding Caused Not by Climate Change but Witchcraft and Sodomy

Bryan Fischer and company think they can pinpoint sodomy and witchcraft as the causes of Texas flooding, but the Bible - like science - disagrees

Glenn Beck Says Opposition to Indiana’s RFRA Will Lead to Concentration Camps

The Religious Right is reacting as expected to opposition to Indiana's embrace of religious tyranny - with lunacy and lies

Mike Huckabee Says He Has Magic Powers and Will Use Them to Kill You

Mike Huckabee thinks he can call down fire from heaven to smite his opponents, an act (phew!) in violation of the United States Constitution

Bryan Fischer Says Only Satan Could Have Made Megyn Kelly Disagree with Bobby Jindal

Megyn Kelly dared question Bobby Jindal on his Islamophobia, and was promptly accused by Bryan Fischer of being blinded by Satan

Using a Convention of States to Destroy the Federal Government for the Kochs

Republicans are supporting using Article V of the Constitution not to propose amendments to the Constitution, but to destroy the government

Senate Subcommittee Invites Hate Group Leader to Testify about Religious Freedom

Inviting hate group leader Tony Perkins to speak about religious freedom is just more evidence of the GOP's farcical approach to governance

Why We Can’t Let Jeb Bush Pretend His Brother’s Wars Never Happened

Jeb doesn't realize how critical it is he convince us he is not his brother, because the more you listen to him, the more alike they sound

PFAW’s New Ad Calls Out the RNC for Israel Trip with Hate Group

PFAW says, "We deserve to know why Republicans continue to stand with this hate group after years of offensive statements by their leaders"

The Republican Cult of the Penis Has Replaced Christianity

The GOP has concocted a religion that has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with what you do with your reproductive organs

Anti-Semitic Hate Group Funding Republican National Committee Israel Trip

Now, it is apparently official that the Republican National Committee is closely-aligned with an official hate group according reports the RNC is accepting an all-expenses paid trip to Israel despite rightful criticism from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and an Israeli newspaper.

Bryan Fischer Fired, but Jews Still Lack First Amendment Rights, Says AFA

The GOP has tied itself to a hate group - the AFA - which insists America is for Chrisitans only and Jews don't have First Amendment rights