Glenn Beck Says Opposition to Indiana’s RFRA Will Lead to Concentration Camps

All the things you’ve been hearing from conservatives like Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker, that religious tyranny is somehow religious freedom?

That’s the sane stuff. Trust me. The Religious Right is reacting as expected to opposition to Indiana’s embrace of religious tyranny – with lunacy and lies.

Some of the crazier stuff comes from one of the RFRA’s principle architects, Micah Clark, who on Monday said,

“The first thing you have to do is pray, because this is a spiritual war. There is no doubt about that, by the Twitter comments I get, by the email comments and threats from the opposition, some pornographic things that are out there and obscene things being said. This is a campaign of fear and lies and so this is a spiritual war that people must pray about.

It was, of course, fear and lies that created this heinous law in the first place. Fear and lies created by anti-gay activists like Clark on the Religious Right.

Crazy as the spiritual warfare shtick is, it is Glenn Beck who is taking the role of Bryan Fischer here, telling his listeners Tuesday that opposition to the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act will end with people being put in concentration camps.

Yes, here we go again.

“The gay activists will boycott,” he said, “will make it uncomfortable, they’ll smear them. They’ll just ratchet up the hate.”

I do believe “ratcheting up the hate” is just what we’ve seen happen with the passage of this bill, thanks to the proponents, not the opponents of this bill.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

The so-called “gay activists” at this point include the Republican Mayor of Indianapolis, the cities of Seattle and San Francisco, the entire State of Connecticut, the NCAA, the Indiana Pacers, the NBA, and big corporations like Apple and Salesforce, and others.

But Beck wasn’t done. Issuing a mild rebuke to proponents of the law, he still laid the onus of concentration camps on its detractors:

We can’t legislate morality. I can’t believe I’m arguing the other side. You can’t legislate morality. This is why we have to heal our hearts. This is why we have to get to know each other. This is why we have to stand with each other. Because there’s a ton of gay people who listen to us. They know our hearts. I know their hearts. We don’t have a problem with each other.

Let’s stop forcing each other to do things. You don’t change anything. That ends up in concentration camps. You just start grinding and grinding and grinding away until you’re in separate worlds and nobody talks to each other and then, whoever has the power, round ’em up and kill ’em because those guys are the problem.

“That’s how it happens,” he concluded.

The thing is, gays aren’t trying to force anybody to do anything. They just wanted to be treated like everybody else. Nobody is trying to force Beck to marry a man, or to not marry a woman. The Religious Right has poisoned the waters with lie after lie about the dangers of marriage equality. When they are not inventing biological reasons, they are inventing medical reasons, or even, as Beck points out, moral justifications.

I should mention that Fischer himself claimed Monday that the RFRA does not discriminate, but rather protects Christians from discrimination:

This law is not something that provides for discrimination against gays. It is something that prevents discrimination against Christians … This thing is an anti-discrimination bill because it prohibits governmental discrimination against Christians in the state of Indiana.

He went on to make the absurd claim that this is all about “homosexual supremacy”:

Homosexual activists want special rights for homosexuals to trump every other single right that any American possess anywhere, at any time, in any place.

You would think, from listening to this nonsense, that it was gays who wanted a law allowing them to not serve Evangelicals, or a law that would deprive them of the right to marry opposite-sex partners.

From top to bottom, from start to finish, the RFRA has been about lies. It is based on lies, it is defended with lies.

If, as Phil Robertson says, “[Satan] is a liar and the Father of Lies,” and that liberals serve Satan, why is it that the Republicans – and Robertson himself – are the ones telling the lies?

33 Replies to “Glenn Beck Says Opposition to Indiana’s RFRA Will Lead to Concentration Camps”

  1. Every day I wake up and think Americans cant get any more stupid. And every day I am proven wrong. SMDH

  2. Wha? Did he…? Who the….? Oh FFS! *throws her hands up and rolls her eyes right out of her head!*

  3. I’d like to see a list of all the prophesies that Glenn Beck has put forth in the last 6 years. I am quite certain that not a single one has come to pass, nor has there been anything remotely related to his prophesies that has actually happened. He should be held accountable for all of his lies, but his followers have very short memories and very limited intellect, so he continues to spew his B.S., with no repercussions.

  4. I haven’t heard any examples, from the Reichwing, as to how a scenario would actually play out.

    Other than overt discrimination, I don’t understand the point of thes bills (Arkansas included).

  5. The usual: you can tell what they plan to do to the rest of us by what they accuse us of wanting to do to them.

  6. I discriminate. I have had some christian friends. The relationships have never stood the test of time. They are against everything that is the least bit out of their church teachings.

    I listened and challenged them but facts and truth do not matter to them. I even had one where we ageed to disagree but she eventually could not keep from spewing her hatred. Don’t miss any of them.

    I don’t think xtians belong in concentration camps. However, quite a few of them would be candidates for the loony bin. Fortunately, their numbers are dwindling and they know this. That is why they are dangerous right now. Most all of these hateful, bigoted people are repugs and identify themselves as christian. And they are the people that I want no part of, so yes I do discriminate.

  7. The problem is the Beck and his ilk are telling us what his merry band of bigots will do if they get in charge.

    Their fear is that others will do to them what they want to do to others.

  8. Glen is correct! our revulsion and defiance of the religious freedom legislation being carried out will lead to concentration camps and a “final solution” The Reich Wing will do whatever it must to take the power away from the people and condense it into a Christian Oligarchy and open concentration camps to imprison all who oppose them. Atheists and Gays will be the first then Jews and other small denominations of faith. There will be a 4th Reich mark my words if we do not remove the ability of the faithful to rule over us. I for one will fight them with my last breath, they don’t know it yet but they have pissed off the wrong people and this man typing now. We need to take off the kid gloves and take back our country and preserve our democracy.

  9. Beck is just another form of World Net Daily. Conspiracy theorists all about trying to scare misinformed people.

  10. That is so true. Remember Willard announcing before a debate with Obama, “you will hear some half-truths from my opponent” when he, himself, lied his way through it.
    Also, their “death panels” that would occur when millions lose healthcare if they repeal ACA.

    The gotp’s are all liars and cheats and horrible Christians.

  11. So let me get this right: Wanting others to treat you the way others treat their fellows, is now wanting ‘Supremacy’?

    Religion is a Mental Cancer.

  12. Yeah, there’s actually huge money in selling gold, silver, rations, mre’s, guns, ammo and bugout bags to the legions of idiots hoping to witness “end times” they’ve seen on tv.

  13. Yeah, the governor is right. These gays want “special rights.” Ya know, like being able to go to a baker and get a wedding cake. I mean, heterosexuals can’t just walk into a baker and order a wedding cake, can they?

  14. It is plain to see more and more: Glen Beck is just an A-HOLE! Plain and simple. Why is he relevant? How come he has visibility on the media channels? A show? WHY! ?

  15. The human race is getting more discusting every day. Why are we even discussing this subject? Gays are only reacting to the fanatical rhetoric. Gay people go in and out of stores, restaurants, and the like every day and no one knows they are homosexuals. It’s not like they are wearing a sign stating their sexuality to the world. So what is the religious fanatics problem? Is it that closeted Fascists/Nazi’s are possibly using religion to stir up peaceful religious Christians into inflamatory hate mongering as a tool to alter our perfect Constitution that protects everyone? Do they actually want all Gay people to wear a pink armband in the USA as Jewish people and homosexuals had to wear a star/pink armband in Nazi Germany? When I go into a business establishment, I have no desire to know what the sexual, or religious prefrerence of any other patron of the business establishment. Who cares? It doesn’t effect me. Is this a repeat of history as in Nazi Germany? Don’t fall for it people…

  16. The so-called right wing media that uses hate mongering like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Hanity, and many others working for Clear Channel, and Fox News are making fools of a few million people including religious fanatics to make billions of dollars. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Others are making millions “selling gold, silver, rations, mre’s, guns, ammo and bugout bags to the legions of idiots hoping to witness “end times” they’ve seen on tv” c/o Bebe. The so-called left wing media is also making billions telling lies that are only slightly different from the lies of the right wing. All five companies that own all the main stream media lie through their teeth about everything thats truely important like millions of middle class jobs moved to Communist police states like Red China, and Vietnam. All the while the media keeps us worrying about go-no-where-nothing-issues keeping us divided while our economy shrivels.


    Glenda is just doing his part in the GOP guerrilla warfare campaign against democratic civilization(s). Theocracy has no home in democratic societies or civilization.

    We need more “counter-insurgency”, like the one that doomed Romney’s campaign; you remember the server who set up his cell phone at Mitten’s private fund raiser.

    You cannot win against “guerrilla warfare” with a large, conventional army/government…why do you think Obama is playing chess or Holder has not sent out the troops to round up the guerrilla insurgents? So far, there has only been “threats” of violence (Cliven Cretin Bundy, Ted Puke’gent), but there would be more, way beyond what we currently see against minorities if the Feds took to arresting traitors.

    The Prez should wait and make the arrest as a lovely October surprise.

  18. This is right up there with the 6000 year old Earth. In fact, I believe it’s largely supported by the same crowd. As far as the fools putting signs in the windows of their shops saying ‘No Gays Allowed’, justice is just a ‘stone’s throw’ away.

  19. I read this morning in Kenya Muslim terrorists targeted and killed/injured some 500 Christians. This is going on all over the world as a reaction to the ongoing Bush/Cheney xtian campaign against Islam.

    I believe what J. Uhl was alluding to is actually going to start soon in the US. Islam may be behind some retaliatory responses to the hate and misinformation being spewed by Beck, Hannity, et al, but I see the majority of the actions coming from everyday folks who are sick and tired of watching our government turn into an aristocratic theocracy.

    Many of the regulars on this blog know that I now live in South America from which I get a more open perspective on the US. While religion is an institutionalized part of government here, freedom of and from religion is the norm.

    My friends see what is going on in the US and scratch their heads. “WTF has happened to the country we all dreamed of going to?” I am asked. I softly answer, “Religion, it fukks up everything!

  20. Glenbeckistan is where all loony alarmists should book
    passage to if they’re feelin’ so insecure. Poor things.

  21. the RWINJ’S are just to easy, I just sit back and laugh my ass off. It’s typical, crazy freak out stuff, and you just KNOW it’s how they will react, this is getting easier and easier they are like 2 year olds, very easy to agitate, every one hates them , no one understands them, can’t we just Leave them alone, Hysterical, they will do themselves in and I will be laughing the whole way. When you have the RIGHT WING corporations, telling you , you have went to far, you are DONE……Good suff, LOL!

  22. Dear djchefrom:

    This world, at least our part of the world, continues to go downhill when people like Glenn Beck continue to toss out his verbal garbage. And then there are the people who buy his talk. Scary.

  23. How can any American hate religious liberty?perhaps they hate freedom of the press too! Soon you’ll wish someone had done more to protect liberty.

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