As Shutdown Continues, a Traitors’ Bromance is in the Air

tony-perkinsThanks to people like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, I don’t have to keep repeating myself by saying day after day that tea party Republicans and Christian fundamentalists hate America. They say it for me. It didn’t take long for the crazies to rally around Ted Cruz, with Matt Barber saying Liberty Counsel had his flank.

Monday, on Washington Watch, bromance was in the air as Perkins said of “Teddy and the Cruzers,” as Bryan Fischer styles these traitors:

I think they are acting heroic, I think they are heroes. They are along the lines of the patriots who founded this nation, they are standing up to the liberal press and to the naysayers and to the RINOs and saying, ‘No we’re not going along with it any longer, we’re going to try and use what ability we have to save this country.’

Fischer, having previously referred to Cruz as a modern-day Prophet Elijah, himself opined that “you cannot overestimate the role of Ted Cruz. It shows you how one man with courage can make a huge difference in what happens politically.”

Meanwhile, David Brody of CBN, who called these traitors “tea party constitutional conservatives” and asserted that they were fighting for a “political and moral principle worth dying for even if it means the temporary death of their political party, and for that they should be commended. Kind of reminds you of the great founding patriots of this country.”

Since by definition a revolution cannot be conservative – because conservatism maintains the status quo, which is the antithesis of revolution – what these traitors increasingly remind Americans of is the Revolution’s loyalists, who fought against the principles motivating those patriots.

In fact, Brody compared Cruz to George Washington:

All of this feels like Mission Impossible but didn’t George Washington and a few of his Founding Fathers colleagues face incredibly challenging odds too? This has been done before. Nobody said it would be easy. Look at it this way: At least principled constitutional conservative Ted Cruz is leading the way instead of movie star Tom Cruise. Now that would definitely be Mission Impossible.

More likely, this will result in a tea party Waterloo. This is not about the potential death of a political party, though that is certainly to be hoped for at this point unless moderate Republicans launch a counter-coup and restore sanity to conservative politics in this country. It is about the death of a country. It is about a small group of anti-constitutional, anti-American traitors being hailed as heroes.

Rather than heaping praise on unworthy acts, these men should be crawling shame-facedly into holes somewhere with a copy of the Constitution, there to ruminate long and hard upon their sins against the American people.

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