Hate Group Leader Calls on Trump to Lead Witch-Hunt of Pro-LGBT Officials

Trump needs to make clear “'activists' within the State Department promoting" pro-LGBT policies "will be ferreted out and will be replaced"

Trump Helped Fracture The Religious Right – Not Break It

The fault lines among evangelicals that the election of 2016 has exposed are likely to reshape national politics for years to come.

GOP Platform Committee Embraces A Purely Puritanical Agenda

Republicans will end up with a platform that will be Victorian in its moralizing and deeply critical the modern American family.

Tony Perkins Complains Haters are Being Forced into “Spiritual Ghettos” Because They Can’t Persecute People

"We see the left creating these spiritual ghettos where we are forced into...trying to quarantine faith so it's more easily controllable."

Religious Right Leaders Say No Cruz, No More America

They're falling over themselves with dire predictions, like Tony Perkins' "I'm afraid we may not have another election for our republic."

Religious Right Leaders Rally Behind…Ted Cruz

Hate group leader Tony Perkins got Religious Right bosses to rally behind proven hater Ted Cruz, but will it make a difference?

Michele Bachmann Says “Jesus is Coming Soon” and it’s Time to Convert the Jews

MIchele Bachmann shows what a true friend of Israel she is by calling for the conversion of the Jews as soon as possible

Trump Will Speak at Values Voter Summit’s Orgy of Hate This Weekend

Donald Trump may have divorced himself from Fox News, but he’s throwing himself into Evangelical arms this weekend by speaking at the so-called Values Voter Summit. This is the yearly conference hosted by Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council, where Republican candidates can pretend they’re in Iowa and, as Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman puts it, deliver “bigoted remarks and self-righteous tirades,” all while nestled safely within the bosom of their fellow haters. read more

Religious Right Encounters the Constitution and Tosses its Collective Cookies

The Religious Right had a bad week with Constitution. You wouldn't think people could be this, well, dirt stupid, but they can, and they are

Kim Davis To Get an Award From Family Research Council for Excellence in Bigotry

Based on a fantasy version of the US Constitution, the Religious Right hails Kim Davis as a Savior and Gives her a Medal for Bigotry

Donald Trump Declares War on the War on Christmas

Donald Trump promises to go out of his way to use the word "Christmas" as he sees beyond liberty and assaults stuff having to do with that

Tony Perkins Says Muslim Immigrants Threaten Our Country from Within

People for the American Way reports that yesterday, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins said that “legal immigration is a big problem” because “people that have come in from Muslim Countries” may “threaten our country from within.” read more

Donald Trump May Be the Worst Thing to Happen to the Religious Right

ted cruz donald trump

Trump doesn't seem impressed by the Religious Right and has shown no signs that he feels the need to impress them, or even that they matter

TLC Finally Gets It. Duggars (At Least For Now) No Longer Welcome On Their Airwaves

How this punk stayed out of juvenile detention up to age 21 (and perhaps well beyond as an adult) is a mystery. A young black kid, accused of the same aberrant behaviors, wouldn't see the sun for two decades at the very least.

Republicans, Family Research Council and Josh Duggar Are A Match Made In Heaven

It is curious that so many Americans were surprised over the revelations that a religious conservative idol is guilty of molesting his sisters, or that Republicans embraced the FRC's icon they must have at least suspected was a fraud. In fact, the close relationship between Republicans, the FRC, and Josh Duggar was a match made in heaven.

Limbaugh is Wrong: Gay Activists Didn’t Kill Christianity – Christianity Did

Rush Limbaugh blames gay activists for Christianity's demise even while he is one of the people driving Americans away from organized religion

Louie Gohmert: It’s Obama’s Fault We’re all Idiots

I paraphrase, but not by much. Gohmert uses nuns, the Posse Comitatus Act, and Waco 1993 to prove Obama is to blame

Fox & Friends: Priest Says Don’t Trust President Who Doesn’t Fear Eternal Damnation

Father Jonathan Morris took to Fox & Friends to push fear of eternal damnation while ignoring the Constitution's No Religious Test Clause

Religious Right Leaders Threaten to “Rise Up” If they Don’t Get to Persecute Gays

Since the RFRA was revised, the Religious Right has gone full-tilt crazy with threats to "rise up" against their left-wing oppressors

Senate Subcommittee Invites Hate Group Leader to Testify about Religious Freedom

Inviting hate group leader Tony Perkins to speak about religious freedom is just more evidence of the GOP's farcical approach to governance