TLC Finally Gets It. Duggars (At Least For Now) No Longer Welcome On Their Airwaves



Friday, TLC came out of the ether and canceled plans to rerun “19 Kids and Counting.” It’s the story of two rabbit-like parents from Springdale, Arkansas, who can’t resist cranking out kids, but can resist contraception. All in the name of the Lord. Here are some reasons the “The Learning Channel” had no choice.

As my colleagues pretty much covered the issue in their highly competent journalistic fashion, I wasn’t going to add anything about the Duggars, Jim Bob and Michelle, and those 19 progeny. But more needs to be written. As you know, they’re a big deal with the religious nuts that tune in for 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. But mom and dad (a former Arkansas state rep) and the perv represent the extremist right-wing, hypocritical, bible thumpers. According to various accounts, including their own blog, they’re about as arbitrary as parents as it’s possible to be.


Sicko, Josh Duggar, is still treated as if nothing had happened, even though he fessed up to sexually abusing underage girls, including at least two of his sisters.

You can get a philosophical overview of this piece of pond scum by visiting here.

How this punk stayed out of juvenile detention up to age 21 (and perhaps well beyond as an adult) is a mystery. A young black kid, accused of the same aberrant behaviors, wouldn’t see the sun for two decades at the very least. Were DNA swabs taken? Was rape considered? What is the statute of limitations in a sexual assault case? Three years as is suggested in the Duggar case? In some states, it’s six, others, seven. For a DNA-proven rape in Georgia, there is no limit. It has been strongly speculated, that the case was ignored until those three years ran out.

People Magazine scored an exclusive interview with the perv and mom and pop a few days ago and readers were treated to this statement from the ‘holier than thou’ molester, now 27.

“Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends. I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.” It’s interesting that most accounts say he was 14-years-old. The sex abuser, at age 27, says it was “12-years-ago.”

It was likely that the father’s discovery of his son’s perversion involved a daughter. That probably motivated his eventual visit to the authorities.

Any subsequent charges — that would have likely included felonies — were dashed through a convoluted series of events that suggested real misconduct. Why was the case allowed to die on the vine, for instance? Read the account here. Even after all that, the parental statements demanded little “responsibility” that right-wingers always talk about: “When Josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes, and we were shocked. We had tried to teach him right from wrong. That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before.” Sympathy for the daughters? Still looking.

Their statement continues, “Even though we would never choose to go through something so terrible, each one of our family members drew closer to God…..blah, blah, blah.” So that’s your gig, Mr. and Mrs. Duggar? Using God as cover for the sickest perversion imaginable? Did TLC initially know about this? If they did, they’re as culpable as the rest of the bad actors. Was it publicized in the media? Did TLC perform any due diligence prior to airing this sanctimonious and hypocritical embarrassment? Or was it all about the money on both sides?

Somebody actually married deranged horndog, Josh. Wife, Anna, tells People mag that she was told by her future husband of his miscreant deeds two years before the wedding. I know of no self-respecting woman who wouldn’t rocket away from this loser the second he got that ‘confession’ out of his mouth.

Again, the question of how ‘Josh’ escaped legal entanglement for the sex abuse of at least five innocent girls goes unanswered. There is supposedly only that three-year window to charge in this case. And, frankly, if you think it was just five girls for a limited time, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Forced incest was even too much for one of Family Research Council’s highly placed pets. Josh Dugger was suddenly left to his own devices. Some of the big contributors must have pulled back.

Here’s the FRC Statement on the Resignation. Washington, D.C. – Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement regarding the resignation of Josh Duggar:

“Today Josh Duggar made the decision to resign his position as a result of previously unknown information becoming public concerning events that occurred during his teenage years. Josh believes that the situation will make it difficult for him to be effective in his current work. We believe this is the best decision for Josh and his family at this time. We will be praying for everyone involved,” concluded Perkins.

Not a hint of condemnation or the true reason why Duggar is hitting the bricks. While FRC takes a pass on Duggar’s perverted past, Right Wing Watch points out that this Christian-dipped group is obsessed with the LGBT communities threat to children. Right Wing Watch also points out that Michelle Duggar once put out a robocall pushing for the repeal of a city nondiscrimination ordinance. Her message: “If allowed on the books, it would empower child predators to threaten “the safety and innocence of a child.”

FRC roots go back to its founding by Dr. James Dobson, the infamous ‘Focus on the Family’ guy. From there, the organization wended its way through Gary Bauer, a Reagan administration honcho and unsuccessful presidential candidate. FRC was then handed off to an obscure attorney, who lasted a few years before deeding the thing to Tony Perkins, a typical ‘hater’ and an ex-rep in the Louisiana state legislature. He spews all the predictably distasteful bigotry of those on the right who “Love the Lord”, but appear to hate all blacks, gay, poor people and certainly Democrats.

But all that hate and family incest appear to pay off handsomely. According to the 2014 Celebrity Net Worth Website, Jim Bob and Michelle have about 3 ½ million squirreled away somewhere.

The day before the cancelation announcement, Arkansas Fourth Circuit Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered all police investigation records expunged. Nonetheless, the Arkansas Times appears to still be revealing that actual report on the Times’ Website Blog. It’s tricky: Go here: Go up to ‘Blogs’ and follow the prompts. Or for a shortcut to the police report, try this:

So, are mom, pop and Josh Duggar gone from the media for good? Let’s hope so. The irony is that the remaining family members seem like OK people.

67 Replies to “TLC Finally Gets It. Duggars (At Least For Now) No Longer Welcome On Their Airwaves”

  1. Touching Little Children.

    The Republicans like to claim that we’re attacking Josh because he’s a Christian Celebrity.
    I counter that you Republicans/Conservatives are defending him because he’s a Christian Celebrity.

    Because if he wasn’t either- you’d be just as outraged as we are.
    Ted Nugent?

  2. Let’s face it. Having more than 4-5 kids is child abuse. Where were the parents when he was diddling his little sisters and others ?
    Thank God it was little girls because if it was little boys the family would be very upset.

  3. I’m so tired of hearing about Ted Nugent. He was a rock star and he did rock star sh*t. So did Jimmy Page. So did a lot of them. You’re just pissed at Nugent because he’s a 2nd amendment fanatic.

    Do you realize the mainstream media (not FOX) is not covering this at all. It’s just your little tribe spitting in the wind…

  4. If you think people dislike Ted Nugent for being pro-2A, you’re not looking hard enough. He call Obama a “subhuman mongrel”; even if you disagree with the President, he is still the President – you can attack him or her on facts, on track record, or on policies, but to address the leader of the nation with such personal disrespect would have been considered treason by conservatives were it a Bush being spoken of so.

    Likewise, he has described Hilary in 1994 as a toxic c#nt, among other classy terms he brings to the discussion:

    I for one am in favour of the Second Amendment – but the one in the actual Constitution, not the NRA-twisted one, but that’s another discussion…

  5. Robert,
    With all due respect, do you NOT see the hypocrisy and bigotry of Mr. Nugent?
    Mr. Page may also have a propensity for underage girls, and soiling himself so he doesn’t have to serve his country, wanting to cause harm to the POTUS and other issues, but I don’t see or hear of him spouting publicly about political issues.

  6. If he said those things (no reason to believe he didn’t)then yeah, he’s a reprobate. All republicans are not reprobates.

  7. Did Jimmy Page soil himself to avoid being drafted by the British military to fight in Vietnam? Did Jimmy Page is a British citizen… not American.

  8. If you read the motion to expunge it indicates that a victim who IS (NOT WAS***) a minor could be identified directly or indirectly.
    Holy Sh*tballs.
    This abuse supposedly happened 12+ years ago and at least one of the victims is still a minor, TODAY.
    That puts them at what age when the abuse happened?
    Seriously sick f*cks man.

  9. rep·ro·bate: noun

    1. an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).

    2. (CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY, archaic) a sinner who is not of the elect and is predestined to damnation.

    So Robert, do you think Duggar was being funny or do you admire his actions of child molestation? If neither then as a Christian do you believe him to be predestined to damnation?

  10. Wait, you mean you are NOT supposed to fondle your sisters?

    It will just be a matter of time before we hear that josh had a “vision” or “calling” from The Lord commanding him to touch the nethers…..probably in the name of Christian, sexual edumacation.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways….

  11. Yeah, I believe that is a bullshit excuse by those in power, namley Jim Bob, Tlc, Huckabee, and others in this cult movement, to destroy offense records.

    Really, the judge says it was a request by an underage victim to keep her identity secret. What utter bs, how hard is it to know which daughter that would be. Not hard. Btw, it was the youngest at 5/6 yrs old.

    Nope. This request was done by men in power, who do not want this story unraveling any further, because it would reveal what a warped and twisted mind set this cult has over people.

  12. And that little girl was told/asked to forgive what her older teenage brother had done to her. Gah! It is so unexcusable i want to scream. This crap should not be swept under the rug, or blamed on the victims!

  13. And note that one of the charges brought against Bill Gothard was failure to report child abuse. Josh Duggard was sent to Gothard’s org for his so called treatment for abuse against his sisters.

  14. Maybe not. But they sure look the other way when another one fails to live by their Golden Rule. Maybe they are just idiot brain washed hypocrites.

  15. The sad thing is it will probably go the way of Duck Dynasty. Cancel the show, huge outcry from the fan base and “uncancel” it. All that did was give Robertson more security in blasting gays without reprisal. TLC is about ratings and money. If the shows loses it’s sponsors, it’s done. That’s where the emphasis needs to be made. Petitioning TLC isn’t going to do anything if they still have paying sponsors. It’s good to see General Mills did the right thing right away.

  16. And didn’t TLC have a show about submissive wives? I read about it and thought it was a parody but apparently not.

  17. Just a observation. I find the people who invoke God, and have to tell you how religious they are, are the biggest evil doers on the planet!

  18. lolz. Are you serious? The Kennedy family alone is a long enough list. Here’s a few off the top of my head.

    Bill Clinton-rapist
    William Kennedy Smith- rapist
    Brian Doyle, dem activist child molester
    Neil Goldschmidt, Oregon governor, confessed child molester
    Rep. Mel Reynolds, D-IL child rapist pardoned by clinton

    Let me help you

  19. yea smart take bro. I’m sure you have actual evidence for this. Just an observation, but those I disagree with seem to be the worst people ever and I’m tots the most awesome moral person ever. See I win the argument.

  20. All teenagers are curious about the body no matter what anyone says and if they claim they were not curious then they are liars b/c it’s human to be curious. Josh was a very young teenager and curious just as any other teen. I like the show b/c I’m curious how they make it all work with so many people. I wish so many other families would teach their kids to act as the Duggers do in the realm of modesty and general life morals which is very much lacking today in the USA and everywhere else. At least they do have morals and values where so many do not. Even if Josh touched another female, I bet those females allowed it b/c they were curious too. I want them to come back to TLC and others could learn from watching how they make it work.

  21. WOW! Defending a child molester. Again with the shaming, the females were probably curious so they were in on this. WOW!
    And really, the Duggars are moral? They knew about this, sent the son off to do construction work and lied and said he was sent to receive religious counseling, didn’t tell anyone about their little child molester until the statutes-of-limitations ran out. All the while allowing their little child molester to run around the country spewing hateful garbage about gay men being child molesters, knowing full well their own son was a child molester. The paragons of virtue and morals kept all this quiet so they could keep raking in the millions from their freak show known as “19 kids and counting”.
    Sorry, I just don’t see a single moral person here.

  22. Good grief, Madeline, where to even start when answering your post? But here’s a go.
    Yes, teenagers are curious about sex and the human body. And, yes, as small children they may have played “doctor” with other, willing kids their own ages.

    But Josh Duggar was 14 years old and was “playing doctor” with girls ages 4-12. This is child-molestation. There are no mitigating factors. Absolutely none.

    Where were the parents in all this? Off having more babies and turning over their care to the older children. You wonder how they handle 19 children? By turning over their care. And in a home where little children are trained to obey their elder siblings and girls are seen as potential breeders and nothing else.

    Madeline, I’ll just ask you one thing. Would you feel confortable in having Josh Duggar babysit for your daughters or granddaughters? If so, I’m wondering at your perception of life.

  23. Folks like you Madeline, are the reason why child molesters get away with it so many times.

    Yes kids are curious- but that doesn’t give any of them the right to molest another.

    Particularly Incest ‘curiosity’.

    19 kids and counting is in my opinion very telling.
    A show dedicated to putting forth a Brave Face about how wonderful their religious family life is supposed to be (like any other so-called reality show), all the while sweeping under the rug the Ugly Truth.

    You choose to ignore reality, we will not.

  24. Thank you Erica.

    But it still failed- for several reasons- of the sites I checked, at least half I was kept from accessing because of my Virus Protection software warned me from accessing them.

    Of the other half- no more than a handful of Dems are mentioned,(20 at most), and of those- half are simply accused, not convicted.

    Whereas my list- gives convicted Republicans, a listing in the hundreds.

    Try again.

  25. Good grief, Madeline, where to even start when answering your post? But here’s a go.
    Yes, teenagers are curious about sex and the human body. And, yes, as small children they may have played “doctor” with other, willing kids their own ages.

    But Josh Duggar was 14 years old and was “playing doctor” with girls ages 4-12. This is child-molestation. There are no mitigating factors. Absolutely none.

    Where were the parents in all this? Off having more babies and turning over their care to the older children. You wonder how they handle 19 children? By turning over their care. And in a home where little children are trained to obey their elder siblings and girls are seen as potential breeders and nothing else. Where is your concern with the daughters who were molested?

    Madeline, I’ll just ask you one thing. Would you feel comfortable having Josh Duggar babysit for your daughters or granddaughters? If so, I’m wondering at your perception of life.

  26. I don’t agree, My parents had 8(eight) kids but that was back then in the 40s-60s and we turned out ok.
    No dam hypocritical chrisitan bs in our family, we’re not overtly religious though we’re Catholics. Most of the ‘true’ Chrisitans I know do not subscribe to the belief system of these false christians.
    I do wonder at the people who buy into their bs though, is there something wrong with their brain circuits that they are so gullible. The continue to jump on the bandwagon despite what Jesus Christ says about these people(false prophets) preaching on street corners and on soap boxes that have nothing to do with His words/teachings, ie tolerance, forgiveness, loving our neighbours as we would want to be loved, sharing what you have. *Seems most of these people are doing this for the notoriety and the money they can make off the gullible and stupid. *edit

  27. You like to watch them “make it work.” The truth is they DON’T make it work. It is an Illusion, make believe, a fairy tale, sound and fury told told by idiots signifying nothing.

  28. If someone tells me they are going to Heaven and I’m going to hell, I walk away as Jesus Christ recommended. These people are not ‘real’ Christians but evil doers who wants to lord it over the rest of us, ie they are better that we are and are one the path to righteousnes and Heaven. I think God alone knows what’s in my heart and what His plans for me are.
    As Jesus Christ told his Deciples, only God knows when He is coming, not even He, Jesus. People need to start looking deep into themselves and not let these false people dictate and scare the shite out of them with their lies and bs.

  29. I agree: dump Duck Dynasty while they are at it. Come to think of it, The “Learning” Channel needs to review its mission and purpose, since little of it is about learning. It’s all infotainment wrapped in some vestige of learning. Oprah better watch her involvement with TLC, since they look like they have turned into Faux News’s sister channel.

  30. There is no way you can excuse what he did as a child being child’s play and just experiment. He was experiment for adulthood,how many time have we heard republican representatives downing lbgts and then we hear of them either tapping their feet in the men’s bathroom trying to get a date or getting caught red-handed. Don’t worry we don’t leave the democrats out at least they are open about their game and not hiding in the closet. Their are still more republicans in closet just waiting for the chance to break loose but they don’t know how. Everyday that goes by, their closet get tighter and tighter and they know soon their secrets will be all out in the open,so they are trying their best to do everything to throw the light off of them but foolishly it just is beginning to shine that much so brightly on them. All we can do is pass the popcorn and watch the fun as they trip all over themselves.(WINK).

  31. This was a rant – one of the best ones I have ever read! Great writing, great points…now who is going to answer to all of these well-thought out questions? I would love to know where TLC and the fam’ stand on some of these issues.

  32. You are trying to make a good point using the most incorrect angle. The morals and values we see portrayed on the show have been violated by the hypocrisy in which was uncovered in this heinous cover-up. They are not who we see, and we can now be more sure that the daughters and wives are not allowed the same human rights as the males and sons. It is clear – and maybe you should take the good from the show (what was characterized anyway) and not side with the family at this point, and have more respect for the victims here. We are all entitled to have our perspective, however, chiming in that this was in any way consensual with a toddler is foolish to even think. I am glad TLC is not going to support this family any longer – they need to find God and allow His help in finding a better way to thrive in this world.

  33. I come from a conservative religious Republican family and they are every bit the perverted sick f—s you can imagine they are. This issue hits way too close to home for me.

  34. What is wrong with everyone? Do you think just because people are Christians that they don’t sin or do things that are wrong? Human desire is still a part of everyone. It is a growing process to learn to let Christ rule your desires. We are not perfect, just forgiven. It sounds as if Josh confessed and has gotten help for his problem. Don’t call him names. Have you never done anything wrong, especially when you were young? I think Christ said it right, “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.” John 8: 11

  35. If the Christian Bible is to be taken as the literal truth (and these sanctimonious hypocrites do), doesn’t God condone incest?

    If the story about Adam and Eve is true, then the only women (girls?) available for their sons, Cain and Abel, to marry, would have been their own sisters.

  36. The republican party and their “religious” partners and “elite” 1% corporate masters are truly all mentally deranged and extremely ill “perverts” due too their constant “incest” and “entire” family “inbreeding” practices and habits (kissing-cousins etc.) from the bible’s (fairy-tell) times of adam and eve and then noah’s ark and the great flood. They want only themselves (blue bloods) and their extremely demented “brainwashed” from birth “spawn” to inherit the entire world. We will all be their “servants”!!! If we don’t stop them. In my opinion.

  37. once a child molester always a child molester. I bet the child protective services in that stupid state won’t do anything to protect his five children.

  38. Erica, are you serious? Here’s a few off the top of my head.

    Newt Gingrich
    Mark Sanford
    Helen Chenoweth
    Mark Foley
    David Vitter
    Larry Craig
    Rudy Giuliani
    Don Sherwood
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    John Ensign
    Jim Gibbons

  39. I’d love to hear what you think about gay and lesbian people who don’t molest little children and just want to get married.

  40. I was gonna to at least try to formulate an answer to your post, because of your achingly ridiculous assertion that it was “wrong” of people to ‘call Josh Duggar names.’
    But then I tripped headlong over the gobsmackingly ironic last sentence, “I think Christ said it right, “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.” John 8: 11.” That’s EXACTLY why people are so furious over this. Josh and the rest of the clan have made millions ‘casting stones,’ while expertly cloaking the big, fat stones in their midst. People are righteously gagging on the hypocrisy and giggling while wallowing in the schadenfreude.
    You should try aiming your John 8: 11 at all the other Leviticus-obsessed religifrauds.

  41. Please get this disturbing show off the air.They are nothing but a bunch of money hungry freaks.I bet there are plenty of skeletons in their closets.

  42. Comments such as yours are further proof that not all people possess equal intelligence. Educate yourself about the facts of the Quiverfull movement. NO woman should spend the majority of her adult life being pregnant. Michelle Duggar had numerous health problems due to birthing a child every year. It is not healthy for any family to have that many children, and this was also clearly about making money for TLC, as well as enriching the Duggars. This is also about the abuse of females within their family-girls/women do not have the same rights as males and that FACT is a huge part of the patriarchal religious cult they are inflicting on their offspring. Yes, it all worked fine for Jim Bob and his male spawn, until it blew up in their faces. Anyone defending these people simply has zero critical thinking skills.

  43. Josh “received counseling”..Yeah!..I would “counsel” his ass!…Wall to Wall counseling!!!

  44. I bet you are a G.I.R.L. (Guy in real life).

    Everyone on this board has been fourteen. Everyone except you knew, at that age, that you don’t grope a five year old’s crotch.

  45. When I was fourteen I always want to play doctor with other 14 y/o girls. Now if they were a little older that was an added bonus

  46. Duggers are not on the air as of now, does this mean Daddy Dugger needs to find a job?
    One that will cover all the expense of 19 and counting children?
    I’ll bet NOt! he will create a fund ask for donations and continue. A-la Palin style.

  47. Techlady.yes but the Conservative Christian Reich purchases stones to cast by the ton and they get a discount if you blame everything on Obama and the Democrats. Get a Clue.

  48. Simply stated, Josh Duggar and his parents are sick! There is no need to use religion, politics, sexual preferences, etc. when forming one’s opinion! Trying to demoralize an entire group of people for the disgusting acts of three people makes one’s complaint less credible. Stick with the facts…they are horrendous on their own!

  49. Wait…you mean we all are not fighting off our older brothers…we are suppose to let him fondle us…or is it ok…cuz isn’t every family in America going through this…it’s normal right…he’s confused and only 14…. That’s normal right…right…anyone?

  50. Are you kidding me…. What’s wrong with you. Curious would be a sneak peek maybe…but multiple do slings and grouping of his sisters…that’s a pervert and a predator…did ya read the report…the five year old he took her pants off. How curious is he…he did it for two years multiple times…and it’s also invest. that is not curious that’s a molester…and you wish more people would teach their kids to act like the Duggars cuz they make it work. Again are you kidding me…obviously it’s not working..they have molestation and incest problems. And Michele isn’t raising her kids…her kids raise her kids…she just pops them out. Beats them with a rod and blanket trains toddlers to fear getting off their blanket…Ya sure raise your family just like them…will you be horrified when your son molestes his sister…or will you chalk it up to curiosity. Good Lord.

  51. Well stand clear or your gonna get a stone right in the kisser. I’ll cast the first stone when it comes to this. I never committed incest nor molested a child or for that fact any one. My curiosity was kept to my own body till I was married. So unless you want a rock in your face step aside …. Omg

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