Despite the Math, GOP Election Losers Martha McSally and John James Refuse to Concede Their Races

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election by more than 4 million votes. To hear him speak, however, you would think the results are still up in the air. Trump, of course, has refused to concede to Joe Biden.

Some Democratic senate hopefuls like Sara Gideon and Cal Cunningham lost their election bids. Cunningham recently congratulated his opponent Thom Tillis and Gideon did the same for Susan Collins.

The Republicans who have lost their races, though, have not done the same for their opponents. John James in Michigan and Martha McSally in Arizona have both refused to concede.

McSally has not made a statement about her loss. There are still ballots to be counted, but she’s done by more than the outstanding votes. Her opponent Mark Kelly said in a statement:

“As I prepare for the work of representing all Arizonans in the U.S. Senate, I want Arizonans to know that I am committed to being a senator who will work to get things done and be an independent voice for them in Washington on day one. This team of community leaders, Republicans and Democrats, will help ensure we are successful in this next mission, serving and getting results for Arizonans.”

Democrat Gary Peters, who leads James by more than 85,000 votes was much harsher in his critique of his opponent. “It’s sad and it’s pathetic. They lost,” the Democrat said. “This is where you see someone’s character. I would just say to Mr. James and their campaign: Accept the opinion and the votes of the people of the state of Michigan. That’s the right thing to do.”