Trump supporter outside of arraignment

Small But Passionate Crowd Of Trump Supporters Show Up Outside DC Courthouse

Well, this isn’t exactly what Donald J. Trump was hoping for in terms of supportive turnout for his next grand arraignment appearance on Wednesday.

The number of supporters and protestors has grown from “few in the morning to more than 100 people,” ABC News reported. That’s protesters and supporters, not just supporters. And that’s not a big number for someone running for president.

But what they lack in numbers, they made up for in spirit and passion.

White House columnist and author “Free The Press” Brian Karem is on site in DC and reported at 2:07 PM, “And yet another Trump supporter. The numbers grow as we get closer to four. But still fewer than a couple of dozen scattered across the area.”

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Brian Karem also had a charming exchange with this Trump supporter, who said he would vote for Trump even if he were convicted of any of the 78 felonies and then segued into asking, “If I took a sh*t right here…”

To which I would have asked, “Haven’t you, though?”


Here’s a picture from one of Brian’s videos that was even more disturbing than the above two:

Trump arraignment screengrab via Brian Karem video

Trump arraignment screengrab via Brian Karem video

Thom Hartmann is there outside of the DC Courthouse, and caught a Trump protester among the crowd:

The most important person in the area today is Special Counsel Jack Smith, and he is in the courtroom for Trump’s arraignment. Trump has been calling Smith a “crackhead” among other projections.

So far, this is not Trump’s best show. His supporters do not seem as eager to show up for him during his criminal indictments as they were in his efforts to overthrow the 2020 election. But those who are there, are vocal and passionate and, let’s say, quite theatrical.

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