If Jack Smith Has His Way Trump Could Be A Convicted Felon By Super Tuesday

Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed a suggested trial date of January 2, 2024 for Trump’s 1/6 trial, which means that Trump could be a convicted felon by Super Tuesday on March 5.

CBS News reported:

Prosecutors from special counsel Jack Smith’s office proposed that the trial in the case against former President Donald Trump related to the 2020 presidential election should begin on January 2, 2024, and predicted they will need between four and six weeks to make their case.

The Justice Department lawyers put forth the January 2 trial date in a new filing in federal district court in Washington on Thursday. They said their proposed timeline would give Trump and his lawyers time to review the material collected during Smith’s investigation and prepare a defense while allowing enough time for the parties to litigate pre-trial issues.

If Judge Chutkan agrees with the Special Counsel and schedules the trial for early January, Trump will be on trial as voters are going to the polls in the Republican presidential primary. This means that instead of talking about Republican candidates and getting ready for the general election, the coverage of Republicans is all going to revolve around Trump’s trial.

The idea that Trump could be a convicted felon in the heart of the 2024 election is what Republicans are trying to avoid. The 2024 election and every Republican candidate are likely to be swallowed up by Donald Trump and his many criminal trials.

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