Ron DeSantis Has A Miserable Day While Trying To Flip Burgers In Iowa

As Ron DeSantis tried to flip burgers to impress Republican voters in Iowa, the crowd chanted we love Trump, and Trump’s plane flew over DeSantis’s head.


Ron DeSantis had to deal with loud chants of  ‘We love Trump’ as he tried to flip burgers to show the people of Iowa that he isn’t a miniature fascist robot with weird pudding-eating habits, but that he is an actual human being just like them. As if listening to the cult proclaim their love for their dear leader wasn’t enough, this is what was going on in the skies above.

It is fascinating how Republicans claim to love Trump because he is one of them but lose their minds when he buzzes them in Air Force None.

DeSantis has had a terrible weekend of campaigning in Iowa. From being told to go back to Florida by protesters, to threatening acts of war against Mexico, to hearing very loudly from Republicans that they will not vote for him, it has been funny to watch his campaign faceplant every single day.

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