Scott Perry won't cooperate with 1/6 Committee's

Republicans Are So Desperate To Save Trump They Might Impeach Biden Without Investigating

Republicans are in dire need of a distraction, so they are publicly floating, skipping a Biden impeachment investigation, and going straight to the vote.

Trump coup co-conspirator Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) said on Fox  Business when asked if it is possible to skip the investigation and go straight to the impeachment vote, “Well, sure,e it’s a possibility and I think the President has warranted it.”


Rep. Scott Perry was deeply involved in Trump’s plot to overthrow the government, and his floating of the idea of passing go and going straight to an impeachment vote looks like an obvious distraction tactic. House Republicans don’t have the votes to impeach Joe Biden. Speaker McCarthy has been pushing the impeachment investigation to get the MAGAs off his back while he tries to avoid a vote that will probably cost dozens of his members their seats in districts that President Biden won in 2020.

Trump isn’t going to show up at the first Republican presidential primary debate, so his allies need something to take the intense focus off of all of the felony charges that the former president is facing.

There is nothing to suggest that if House Republicans were to hold an impeachment vote as soon as they got back from their August vacation, it would pass.

House Republicans are getting desperate to save Trump, and if they play the impeachment card and fail, it could mean the end for both the ex-president and the GOP House majority.

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