Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Democrats are stealing the 2024 election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Can’t Hide Her Panic As She Claims Democrats Are Trying To ‘Steal’ The Election

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that Democrats are trying to ‘steal’ the 2024 election by throwing Trump in jail.

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Greene said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Let me tell you something. Americans are not going to have it. This election is not going to be swayed by indictments against (former) President Trump that are really pure communism in America today. This election is going to be swayed with gas prices, food prices, inflation, and security. Americans want $1.75 gas back like we had in Georgia in November of 2020. Single moms can’t afford cereal and bread to make their kids sandwiches as they go back to school because of inflation and food prices. Americans want secure city streets. Americans want a secure border and Americans don’t want to be dragged off into another decades-long foreign war defending another border that’s not our own.

Americans see through this exactly for what it is. This is an attempt to steal the 2024 election from Donald Trump by trying to put him in jail and they are overwhelmingly going to elect him in the Republican primary and I’ll argue that he will win the general election.


The idea that the indictments of Trump are a Democratic plot has been debunked. If this is a Democratic plot, why are almost all of the witnesses Republicans, and MAGA Republicans?

Democrats don’t need a plot to beat Trump. Biden already beat Trump in 2020. Besides the fact that Greene baldly wants to be Trump’s running mate, she and all of the other MAGAs are trying to turn Trump’s legal problems political, because they are scared. Trump is scared. His supporters in Congress are scared. The former president’s conservative media allies are scared.

Trump could be a convicted felon and could end up in jail. There is a whole MAGA ecosystem that people like Greene have built their careers o

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