Marjorie Taylor Greene defends showing Hunter Biden porn.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Fox News Banned Her From The GOP Debate Spin Room

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told reporters that Fox News banned her from the GOP debate spin room even after the debate was over.

Greene said:

Fox News banned Trump’s surrogates from being in the spin room during the debate, but they apparently thought that they could talk to the media after the debate, according to Greene, they were wrong.

If Fox News banned Trump’s surrogates completely from the spin room, they have a right to do it. It is their debate, and if Trump wanted to have surrogates in the room, all he had to do was show up for a couple of hours and participate in the debate.

The Trump surrogates have been wining and dining reporters at the debate, but the whole point of the former president sending a whole slew of big-name surrogates was to hijack the debate coverage and attention away from those on the stage.

Fox News wasn’t going to play along, and the result is people like Marjorie Taylor Greene getting shut out of where the TV cameras are. Trumpers don’t have a right to the spin room. Trump picked this fight with Fox News by not showing up at the debate, and the network is showing that they are willing to hit him where it hurts.

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