Kevin McCarthy on the resolution to expunge Trump's impeachments.

Former House GOP Investigators Urge Kevin McCarthy To Forget Biden Impeachment

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 03:00 pm

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Former House Republican aides and investigators are urging Speaker Kevin McCarthy to forget about impeaching President Biden and instead focus on getting things done.

The Messenger reported:

Veteran senior GOP congressional aides who worked across the aisle in recent years have some advice for current Republican leaders: Drop the politically tinged probes of the Biden family and, instead, try legislating. The former investigative oversight aides told The Messenger that rather than caving to mounting pressure from conservative hardliners demanding to impeach President Joe Biden, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his lieutenants should focus on issues that affect everyday Americans.

They suggest such low-hanging fruit as rooting out wasteful spending in the defense budget, stemming America’s deadly fentanyl crisis, holding the government accountable for personal data breaches, and promoting economic growth.

Everyone Can See That Impeaching Biden Is A Terrible Idea

Trump is driving the Biden impeachment train in the House. The former president even threatened House Republicans that they will lose their seats if they vote against impeaching President Biden. Outside of the MAGA universe, people on both sides of the aisle see the writing on the wall.

Unless House Republicans stop with the Hunter Biden stuff and start governing, they are going to get crushed and lose their majority in 2024. The American people aren’t interested in impeaching Biden and are going to make House Republicans pay if they spend two years investigating Joe Biden instead of working on issues that could get bipartisan support.

Kevin McCarthy sold all of his power to MAGA to get elected speaker. McCarthy knows that his majority is likely history next year, but he is trying to hang on to his job today, so he keeps making silly pronouncements that make no sense about Biden impeachment because he lives every day of his life with a motion to vacate hanging over his head.

By doing Trump’s dirty work, Republicans are handing the  House back to Democrats in 2024.

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