FBI Whistleblower Says Rudy Giuliani Has Been Compromised By Russia

An FBI whistleblower said that Rudy Giuliani was compromised by Russian intelligence while he was trying to find dirt on Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

Mother Jones reported:

That contention is among a host of explosive assertions from Johnathan Buma, an FBI agent who also says that an investigation involving Giuliani’s activities was stymied within the bureau.

In July, Buma sent the Senate Judiciary Committee a 22-page statement full of eye-popping allegations, and the document leaked and was first reported last month by Insider (after a conservative blogger had posted it online). According to Buma’s account, Giuliani was used as an asset by a Ukrainian oligarch tied to Russian intelligence and other Russian operatives for a disinformation operation that aimed to discredit Joe Biden and boost Trump in the 2020 presidential race. Moreover, Buma says he was the target of retaliation within the bureau for digging into this.

There have been reports that Russia planned to use Rudy Giuliani to spread election misinformation since 2019 and that Trump ignored warnings that Giuliani was being manipulated by Russia.

The same whistleblower alleges that Giuliani was protected by some in the FBI who blocked him from investigating Trump’s lawyer. It is one thing for the press to report the suspicion that Rudy Giuliani was compromised by Russian intelligence, but it is totally different and much more serious when an FBI whistleblower says that Giuliani was compromised.

Rudy Giuliani is accused of being a Russian asset and a national security risk, and allegation about Joe Biden that comes from Rudy Giuliani should be treated like Russian misinformation.

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