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James Comer speaks at Biden impeachment hearing.

Biden Impeachment Hearing Bombs As Even Fox News And Newsmax Dump Live Coverage

Viewership of the first Biden impeachment hearing apparently dropped so much that both Fox News and Newsmax dumped their live coverage.

During the Noon ET hour, both Fox News and Newsmax went back to regular programming:

Fox News:

Newsmax followed shortly after Fox News broke into its live coverage:

MSNBC ignored the hearing and stuck to regular programming, and the rest of the networks did not provide much or anything in terms of coverage.

The whole point of the fake impeachment hearing was to push the bogus allegations against Biden into mainstream media discussion, but the Republican hearing has been so unfocused and poorly presented that even conservative cable turned away when live viewership data apparently showed people tuning out.

Fox News and Newsmax will cut the hearing into clips and feast on this as a central point of their coverage, especially in primetime, but if the point was to elevate the evidence-free charges against Joe Biden, House Republicans have failed.

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