Trump immunity press conference.

Trump Melts Down Into Delusional Lies As Immunity Argument Flops

Donald Trump spoke to reporters after his lawyers argued that a president should have total immunity, and his remarks were a series of delusional lies.

Trump said:

Well, I wanted to thank you all, and we had a, and I have had a very momentous day in terms of what was learned and what they have conceded. They conceded two major points that were, they were right in doing it. I don’t think they had much of a choice, but they are very, very powerful points, and I think that we are doing very well.

It is very unfair when an opponent, a political opponent is prosecuted by the doj by Biden’s doj, so, they are losing in every poll. They are losing in almost every demographic, and numbers came out today that are really very mind-boggling if you happen to be Joe Biden. I think that they feel that this is the way to try and win. It is not the way that it goes, and it is going to be bedlam in the country, and as we said it is the opening of a Pandora’s box, and it is a very sad thing that has happened with this whole situation.

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When they are talking about the threat to democracy, and that is the real threat to democracy. I feel that as a president, you have to have immunity, and very simple. If you don’t, as an example, if this case were lost on immunity and I did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong, I am working for the country. 

Trump Using A New Big Lie To Argue That He Is Being Politically Prosecuted

Trump’s claim that he is being politically prosecuted is based on the lie that he is leading President Biden in the polls. There has only been one poll in the last five national polls that shows Donald Trump leading, and Trump’s lead over Biden was a single point. All of the polls indicate 2024 could be a close election, but the idea that Trump is leading all of the pols and every demographic, which is why he is being prosecuted, is a lie.

If Trump isn’t leading in all of the polls, then his claim that the prosecutions are political crumbles.

Trump is telling this new big lie to change the subject from his own behavior.

Presidents also have no investigative powers, so it isn’t up to Trump to go find voter fraud. The courts have already ruled that Trump was acting as a candidate, not as president when he tried to overturn the election.

Everything that Trump said was a lie.

Trump can’t justify his immunity claim, and when he tried he melted down into a puddle of lies.

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