Trump sits at the defense table during the New York fraud trial.

Trump Has An Episode And Starts Ranting About Witch Hunts During Fraud Trial

Donald Trump couldn’t control himself, as he launched into a rant about witch hunts while sitting at the defense table during his fraud trial closing arguments.

According to CNN’s Kaitlin Collins:

Collins posted:

Trump began speaking in the courtroom from the defense table, claiming the civil investigation is a “political witch hunt” and that he should actually receive damages. Judge Engoron let Trump continue before then saying he had one minute left. He then cut him off and urged his attorney to “please control your client.”
The judge had previously rescinded permission for Trump to deliver part of his own closing statement after the former president refused to follow the court’s rules and stick to the facts of the case.

Trump has already melted down once today and accused Attorney General James of chasing Exxon out of New York in 1989.

If this is how Trump behaves at a civil trial where the stakes are limited to money and business, imagine how he will behave when he is on criminal trial and could be facing a felony conviction and/or prison.

Trump can’t hold it together, and there is much worse to come for him in 2024.

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