Ron DeSantis might be at the end of the line.

The Ron DeSantis Campaign Melts Down And Accuses The Media Of Iowa Election Interference

The Ron DeSantis campaign accused the media of election interference for calling the Iowa caucus for Trump early.

DeSantis Communications Director Andrew Romeo tweeted:

The DeSantis campaign also released a statement:

It is funny that Trump’s own election interference phrase would be used by the DeSantis campaign to taint Trump’s victory.

The DeSantis campaign moved itself to Iowa and put everything on the line in the caucus. If DeSantis finishes third, seeing a path forward for his campaign is difficult. If he finishes second, it might not matter because Nikki Haley is set up in New Hampshire to do very well.

By claiming that the election was called too soon, DeSantis does have a built-in excuse for his defeat, as his team can always wonder what would have happened if the race had not been called so soon. The reality is that the results are lining up with the polling in the state.

If Ron DeSantis stays in the primary beyond Iowa, things could get very ugly between the DeSantis and Trump campaigns.

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