Trump’s Refusal to Dream Devastating to U.S. Economy, Environment

President Donald Trump, in comments made at the recent G-7 summit in France, positioned himself as the protector of United States’ wealth, justifying his refusal to address, much less believe in, climate change on grounds that investing in green energy production would damage the nation’s economic standing. read more

Trump Just Declared That Iowa And Nebraska Are No Longer Part Of The United States

An out of control Trump declared Iowa and Nebraska to be their own countries in a moment that showed how far the President Of The United States is slipping.

Trump Tries To Fix His Trade War By Throwing Hats At People In Iowa

Donald Trump showed up in Iowa today to try to paper over the damage his trade war is doing to the state, and his big plan appears to have been to throw some John Deere ripoff hats at people.

Trump’s Cruelty Exposed As He Denied Red State Request To Stabilize Health Insurance Market

Trump's refusal to take action that would actually help people is proof of what we've already known about this president: He would rather play political games than improve the lives of the American people. 

Trump Mocks Wind Power In Iowa, The State That Uses The Highest Percentage Of It

Nearly a third of Iowa's energy comes from wind power, and the Hawkeye State uses a greater percentage of it than any other state in the country.

Here’s How Trump And The GOP Are Deviously Undercutting Obamacare In Swing States

Republican replacement obamacare

Because of uncertainty caused by Trump and Republicans, at least one swing state will see Obamacare health care premiums spike by more than 40 percent.

Honeymoon Over: Even Republicans Think Trump Should Spend Less Time at Mar-a-Lago

"I do wish he would spend more time in Washington, D.C. That's what we have the White House for," says Jon Ernst

Republicans Flee Trump as Joni Ernst Admits the President Has a Number of Flaws

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was confronted with her support for a president who treats women and disabled people badly, and she responded, "I think that we have a President that has a number of flaws."

Protesters Holding ‘Iowa Says No Hate’ Banner Interrupt Boring Trump Rally

Trump Iowa victory rally

Trump, showing marginal growth from the campaign, did not encourage his supporters to inflict physical harm on the hecklers.

Trump In Panic Mode As Clinton Seizes The Lead In Iowa – His Strongest Swing State

Hillary CLinton iowa

Nobody seems to be paying attention to Iowa anymore, but it's a tight contest that Hillary Clinton's ground operation could quietly steal it from Trump.

Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked If the New Emails Could Sink Her Campaign

Secretary Clinton put pressure on Comey to explain himself saying, "We've heard these rumors, we don't know what to believe. That is why it is incumbent on the FBI to tell us what they are talking about." Asked if she thought this could sink her campaign, Clinton laughed.

Trump-Leaning Pollster Quinnipiac Shows Clinton With Solid Swing-State Leads

Hillary Clinton polling

If the alarm bell wasn't already sounding in Trumpland, these results from their favorite pollster should do the trick.

Trump Throws A Tantrum While Defending Kicking A Crying Baby Out Of His Rally

In a completely unprovoked moment, while campaigning in Iowa, Donald Trump threw a fit and defended throwing a crying baby out of his rally.

Gov. Terry Branstad Backs An Insane GOP Move to Defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa

Governor Terry Branstad (R-IA) says he backs a "reasonable proposal" to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa, even though federal money doesn't pay for abortion services due to the Hyde Act and it is already illegal to use Medicaid money for abortion services in Iowa.

Sen. Chuck Grassley Pummeled With Backlash In Iowa Over Obama Nominee Obstruction

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was pummeled today with negative press over his refusal to hold hearings for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Dave Damstrom of Spencer Iowa was quoted by Omaha.Com saying to Senator Grassley, “Excuse me, Senator, but it seems to me like there’s so much crap in the political system, and I expect you to be a leader and not part of this. I’m just getting sick of this stuff. Just do your job, and let politics be what it is.”

Red State Radicalism Thrives Against Women and No-One Cares

While Americans focus on the primaries, Republicans are eliminating women's rights.

Iowa’s Steve Deace Threatens to ‘Eunuch Himself’ Over Cruz Campaign

Iowa radio host Steve Deace has decided on a manly solution to Cruz's unmanly campaign performance by threatening to castrate himself

Democrats Are In Serious Trouble After Iowa and New Hampshire

Democrats old and new must come to grips with reality immediately or get ready for a Republican president and Koch supermajority Congress

Phil Robertson at Cruz Rally: Rid the Earth of Tolerance

From the grave, an epic smackdown of Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz by James Madison, who reveals exactly what America can expect from a Cruz presidency, that establishment of religion brings only superstition, bigotry and persecution

Sore Loser Trump Has A Total Tantrum Meltdown And Demands Iowa Disqualify Ted Cruz

Donald Trump blew up and threw a temper tantrum where he accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa through fraud, demanded a new caucus, and that Cruz is disqualified.