GOP Race Gets Physical As Huckabee Aide Boxes Out Ted Cruz At Kim Davis Release Circus

The Republican presidential race took a physical turn on Tuesday, when a Mike Huckabee staffer physically blocked Texas Senator Ted Cruz from getting on stage with law-defying Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis at her release party. By preventing Cruz from accessing the stage, the aide ensured that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee would be the only GOP presidential candidate to share the spotlight with Kim Davis.

In their zeal to win over the bigot vote, the Huckabee campaign is doing their best to shut out other Republicans, so that anti-gay voters can recognize that Huckabee should be their first choice. Ted Cruz is also trying to court homophobic voters, but his inability to out muscle a Huckabee campaign aide, left poor Ted on the sidelines. Cruz became a mere spectator at the spectacle. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee hogged all of the cross-waving glory, taking center stage with the self-righteous scofflaw clerk.

Campaign politics has always been a ruthless enterprise. Nevertheless, there is something unseemly about watching candidates from one of America’s major political parties jostle to position themselves beside a hateful county clerk who refuses to do her job, because she believes God wants her to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

While Huckabee won this round of the GOP slugfest, it isn’t clear whether appearing on stage with Kim Davis will help or hinder him long term. Yes, evangelical GOP voters in Iowa will probably be impressed with Huckabee’s phony martyrdom and his plea:

If you have to put someone in jail, let me go.

However, secular Republicans in New Hampshire are likely to be less impressed. More importantly, general election voters who don’t think discriminating against gay people should be the nation’s top priority, are going to be turned off by Huckabee’s contrived little hate rally. Ted Cruz may have been shut out from appearing on stage, but at least he can take solace that photos of him holding up Kim Davis’ arm in a triumphant tribute to anti-gay bigotry never happened. As for Mike Huckabee, the image of him and Kim Davis hand in hand could haunt him for months, maybe even years to come.

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  1. This whole scene is obscene. I just cannot think of anything else to call it. It is so over the top stupidity. This woman is not a martyr, she is a pot stirrer.

    Most people everyday live according to their moral code and do not disrupt the government or deny innocent people their rights.

    Typical pentecostal deviant.

  2. Cry ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of self-immolation. The Fascist regime is going down. At last….

  3. “…Huckabee went on to say he made a jail visit with Davis possible for Cruz, calling the move “pretty gracious.” (TPM)

    The arrogance of this petty little prick making a big deal about how his people organized the event, got the “permit”, brought and handed out the “party cross”, whole 9. And then, he had the nerve to say that it would be as if he showed up in Iowa unannounced and tried to be on stage with Cruz…

    Old Pape McDaniel’s Huckster (O Brother Where at Thou) openly admitted that the jail event was all about him getting his face attached to that X-tian hillbilly lottery winner, Davis, and her 15 minutes of fame. Hucky made sure Cruzy didn’t get a chance at stealing any of HIS base!

    Huckabee’s greed plus his need of fame and power have rendered him beyond political viability; his stank and taint are stinking up politics like an old toxic, backed-up septic tank.

  4. I think Ted knows he is toast and is just running for VP. Huckster cockblocked him, but he turned around and is licking Donald’s ballsack to do an event with him.Riding coattails won’t bring the spoils of war Daddy Cruz wants. What has became of that crazy old bastard?

  5. this is some sick and twisted sh*t. these people are inciting and encouraging anarchy and domestic terrorism. the conservatives and the religious right have lost their frickin’ minds and are clearly becoming a huge threat to this nation. we must stand up to their bullying. there is no war against christianity. the Christians have declared war on America and her constitution. we the people are the only ones who can stop it. start thinking about voting next year right now.

  6. obviously I am sorry for the spelling errors. before I was able to proof-read, I accidentally hit ‘post comment’.

  7. the conservatives and the religious right in this country are the american taliban. that political cartoon on the homepage is right on.

  8. There was nothing genuine or spontaneous about Huckabee’s spectacle! Huckabee scripted the entire event, as it was so obviously staged. Clearly Huckabee was exploiting Kim Davis, not to mention Cruz’s failed attempt to hijack the spotlight, attempting to exploit Huckabee’s exploitation of Kim Davis! Huckabee twice wiped an invisible, “fake” tear away with his finger, FAKER, FAKER, FAKER! So was his fake offer to go to jail for Kim Davis! Huckabee knows our legal system doesn’t work that way! So why did Huckabee say it? Because Huckabee’s a faker!!!

  9. Ted Cruz to Mike Huckabee:

    I thought we were friends!

    Mike Huckabee to Ted Cruz:

    There are no friends in American politics.

  10. Huckabee and Cruz, desperate for attention for their failing campaigns, try to take a page from The Donald’s playbook. What a couple of idiots…

  11. These vultures are have no limits. I am so pleased to see that their true colors are coming to light. Keep digging your hole rethuglicans.

  12. You libs are crazy. Your hatred is impressive. You try to portray Cruz and Huckabee as extremists for standing for Constitutional freedom. Just because the SCOTUS passed a bad law (like it did sanctioning slavery) doesn’t mean the law is just. Comparing these Constitutionalists to the Taliban…really? Are you that stupid? Apparently. Keep your ridiculous posts coming….it’s good for a laugh.

  13. Do you people even think about what you are saying or are you just an idiot. Let me see if I figure out this word salad
    You try to portray Cruz and Huckabee as extremists for standing for Constitutional freedom
    And your baby jesus wept. Exactly what constitutional freedom are they standing for when they are defying the Constitution. You have heard of the 14th amendment? You have read the Constitution giving the SCOTUS the last word on what is Constitutional. Damn you baggers are a stupid lot. Lets move on

    Just because the SCOTUS passed a bad law (like it did sanctioning slavery) doesn’t mean the law is just.
    Your grandpappy didn’t teach you basic civics being homeschooled did he? SCOTUS does not write or pass laws. Congress does SCOTUS interprets, you do know what that means the law to see if its Constitutional. Trying to equate slavery where one had no rights to gay marriage that is affirming ones rights is just idiotic. Again read your Constitution for the sake of your kids so you wont raise a band of blathering idiots
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  14. Yep, he’s quiet, too quiet. He’s probably busy with the other 7 Mountain “generals” planning their next “card trick” for little Teddy, the X-tian Manchurian Candidate…

    FYI–wish I could find that story/link to a piece written for Talk2Action about some kind of “bunker” places where the Dominionist meet and map out of various areas where they plan their next propaganda “blitzkrieg”

    (has anybody looked around/behind/under those faux rocks at the creationist park in TN for false floors or secret doors lately? I know they hide ALL the bibles there…)

  15. “If you have to put someone in jail, let me go.”

    Huckster, substitute hostages went out with the middle ages. Since the Huckster wants to take the world back to the middle ages apparently he thinks judges operate with the rules from then.

    Of course, another (more likely) explanation is Huckster is just making a cheap (safe) play for attention.

  16. Two problems with that suggestion:

    1. Cliven Bundy does not believe in the United States. However, I did find it interesting that he had a video made of himself riding around on a horse waving an American flag.

    2. Cliven would never take second billing to a woman. It would have to be Bundy-Davis. You know that crowd thinks women are subordinate to men.

  17. The Huckster and the Canadian Clown are both going after the same people, crazy theocrats. It is no wonder they cannot get along like the Clown and Thump can. Those two are playing to different crazies.

    I find it interesting that the theocrats cannot seem to get either idiot any standing in the polls. Apparently there are not as many voters who want to replace the Constitution with Old Testament law as the candidates think there are. These two would probably do better if they were candidate running in the Taliban primary. Wait, I do not think the Taliban has elections. They would fit right in though.

  18. Kevin YOU are one pitiful individual I must say. And NO!! these people are NOT “Constitutionalists” they HATE and dismiss it outright as well as the Bill of Rights! If anything they are “Constipation-alists” because they are all full of..shyte!

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